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Im attaching an example On how it fails, just try to change the input in designer and then try when exporting as sbsar

This simple node setup works like a charm in designer, but not on player
Its attached to the string of a text. it should display A or B depending on the integer input, but on player It always stays at B (Actually, the input is not shown in player unless its being used somewhere else)
(Player's log throws no errors)

I've actually solved it by linking the $time into the graph functions and export all time values from 0 to 24 with substance player. It was time cosuming but, now I can make any change I want in the design and export in a glimpse

Lets say I made a simple .sbs that generates a "default profile picture" As the one attached, this file has the exposed parameters of:

-Text (string)
-hue (float1)
-random seed

Now Id like to automatically export all output variations, like 3 color variations for each letter in the alphabet, (And a random seed each time)

That'd be a cool way to make procedural assets for a web page so all users without profile picture would have an avatar of their letter with a random color.

Is there a way to export just that, like specify which variations you want to output without me having to do it manually for each letter and color?

Allegorithmic has always surprised me with its aproach and interaction on the community. Also all the integrations with sketchfab, unity, maya, etc (Would've loved to see a blender integration) . its a pleasure to work with your software and tools. I wish you all good luck, and will be following closely your news.

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