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I made a mountainous terrain material in SD that has mountain peaks, mountain base, and bumpy detail.  It appears to be mountainous with height and detail.  Once used from the shelf in Painter it appears flat.

Second photo depicts a cube mesh with my SD material applied on pbr-mat-rough, height force bumped to 8.12 (though it makes no difference) material with the "sludge" parameter changed from light blue to green.  Other exposed parameters (from SD) do not function in Painter.

The first image is a render from SD, of the material as created.  Scale in Iray is bumped to 3 and tessellation at 4, otherwise it appears flat in SD just as it appears flat in SP. ( Another issue is the "mountain" peaks are capped.)

  QUERY: How can I make my Substance Designer material display height and displacement in Painter?  Thanks!

No, it was global.  I fixed it.  I found the files I made and deleted them.  I made them with x4 and no x0 relative to parent.  Remade them at 0 and it works now.
It would be nice to be able to delete them from the Substance ui though.


I too would like to delete some materials that I suspect are crashing my painter.  I have 2.4.1 reinstalled again today.

Help!  When I navigate to the materials ( I created in Designer and imported into Painter) on the shelf "Materials" the program crashes.  I deleted every copy I could find on my local drives.  I even ran a detailed search in explorer to find anything with the name.  I think I exported them at too high a resolution. 

Using windows 7, asus x99 a 2, 6cores 6800k at 4.0 ghz, titan xp dedicated, 750tiSC for background apps, 3200 mhz 32 gig trident z.

What happened to this button?


Hi, I have a similar problem with unwanted materials, except Substance Painter 2 stops responding when I navigate to the materials in the shelf.  They cannot be found anywhere on my drives.  They can be seen in an inaccessible folder under c/users.  Help!

Also, The plan I am using has noise and displacement added via Max.

I installed the "Substance-3ds_max-updater-1.0.0.exe." but my Max "Substance" node (in materials) seems to be the same as before the install.  I used your "Rocky Ground" (from tutorial, which has three components (stones, crack, pebbles).  But so far I have not come close to replicating the beauty and detail of the Designer material in Max (2016).  For the "Substance"  "Material" in Max, is that supposed to be 2.0.1 build 1608031118? If not, how to I update this node being as I have installed the updater and rebooted?  I also have been trying to follow this guide, though I am using Corona and also Scanline.  Thanks!  Also, I plan to migrate to Vray soon.

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