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found it!  the 3 qtr view.  another question?  is the third manatory screen-shot just a ctrl-alt-print screen and paste?  I did not find a control to take a snapshot in Painter.  Thanks!

What exactly is a "Camera angle: Front three-quarters view" from the contest rules?  I read a bit about it but I am not clear.

Hi, my first test render.  The theme is based on Duchamp.  :)

SubstanceSubstance - News & Announcements - Re: Welcome to our forum!
 on: December 10, 2018, 10:58:49 am 
There is a lot of what going on here.  Mods sleeping.

The sound of crickets.  Where is Alchemist?  :)   I am still hoping for beta testing, or is all that over?  RTX integration holding things up? :P

I have a question about updating to Substance Designer 2018 Summer release.  I have 2015, which I updated up Substance Designer 2018.1.2 to date. 

Queston 1. I believe that I must pay $75 to update to the "2018 Summer" release, right?
Question 2. Officially my profile indicates I have the 2015 license though I paid the $75 earlier to update to "2016 Spring".  Is there any problem for me now in acquiring the latest update (above)?



Hi I sent an email to you with the .sbs and .sbar.  thx!

was trying to delete extra screen shot, but whatever.  there does not seem to be much response here anyways...

I have a mesh with three parts.  In max the cactus is one mesh with max material 1.  The earth = 2, the pot =3.  The uv mesh is set as 1001, 1002, 1003.  Cactus, earth, Pot.  I set up the UDIM workflow in Designer and managed to apply a material to the cactus.  I have been trying to apply a separate to the 1002 (earth) and 1003 (pot) but have not.  Any tips how or if I can do this?

Some 3ds max materials will not load into the "Load Substance" of the "Substance" file in the slate editor while some do.  I created a few that look and work well in Marmoset but receive an error when I try to use them in 3ds max.  I have the substance plugin for vray and Corona referenced in this thread. Can I send in my .sbar material (or two) for review?

Hi, Will the Migsdemo Procedural Forest Floor Twitch stream be made available?

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Using designer 5
 on: November 29, 2017, 09:13:02 pm 
I have Substance Designer 6.  Can I use SD 5?  I tried and it asks for my key.  I browse to the key and it does not work. Via my account also does not work.  Thanks!

Make some tweaks to controls more directly defining location for darker spots.  Attached is a render directly from Designer/Iray. Started a second thread with new title per contest instructions (could not seem to change my orginal title :P)


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