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Hi Christy,

Substance source downloads are not included in the trial.
The trial only covers the trial of the apps! To try out the materials there are free assets you can download and see if they would fit your need.
So if you start a subscription now you would have the 30 downloads included in the monthly subscription.

Hi Mooha,
Yes as a video game is a "bigger work" and that the final users (the people who purchase your game) won't have access to the material files.
You can have more details in this other post on the forum:,37029.0.html

It's not that you are screwed if you connect with your Adobe account.
It is just that your subscription is linked to your Substance account, and as the Substance and Adobe accounts are not linked we have no way of knowing the Adobe account has the same owner as the Substance account.

You can just  log in with your Substance account on the substance source web platform like you do on the launcher!

When I look into your account it looks like you have been credited the points from your subscription.
The issue probably comes from the account you are logged in with.

Please follow the steps here if you can't find your points!,36241.0.html

Hi nsieversX, could you please contact the Adobe support team via your Admin console?
Unfortunately I am unable to help you at the moment.

it is possible to try all the tools for free for 30 days, but not the Source assets.
There are currently 70 free assets you can find to check if it fits your need!
You can find them here

Hi astradamus,

Annual subscriptions receive 30 points at the beginning of each month, like the monthly subscriptions, but 12 times.
I think that cancelling your monthly and starting an annual at the end of your monthly would be the same, but I recommend you check with my colleagues at to get confirmation!

Hi Im new to the page and Im having problems dowloading my 30 assets i have just paid the monthly subscription do I have to wait a certain time or something?

Hi Mikel,
When I look at your account i can see that you received your points and that you started using them so all good :)
It sometimes takes a few minutes to be credited on your account so thank you for waiting!


After checking your account it seems that you have a free Student/Teachers license.
Substance Source subscription and files are not included in the free Student/Teacher license.

In case you have another account with another regular subscription please make sure you log on Substance Source with your other account to get access to your download points.

Hi Nicolas,

I can see you have 330 download points on your account.
You can just go on, log in with your Substance account and start downloading content!


Il est possible que vous soyez deconnecte de votre compte Substance et connecte avec votre compte Adobe sans que vous le remarquiez.
Lorsque vous vous retrouvez avec 0 points sur votre compte deconnectez vous et reconnectez vous avec votre compte Substance, vous devriez les retrouver !

There is no free trial of Substance Source, only of the individual desktop apps.
You can try to download the free assets to see if they fit your needs and workflow.

Hello, sorry to use this old post but I also seem to be having the same problem. I upgraded to an indie license last month and I still don't have any points on the account.
I can see on your account you have 30 points since April 25.
Can you please log out of your session on Source and log in again, making sure to use your substance account and not your Adobe one?

okay, so I am creating video games for Roblox.
And if I am going to use just the substance source materials, I should be fine, right?

As you use the materials in a video game ( a "bigger work" and do not give access t the texture maps to the final users, you can even use the materials as is, without modifications, if you want to.

I have the same problem. Try to log in tom y substance account and nothing - ZERO + error 500.

We had an issue for a few hours with the login being down , but it should be back now.
Please refresh the page and you should be able to login as usual!

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