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Thanks Nicolas,
 ;) And so now that it's released, how do I go about to requesting the steam key?

Best regards/
I, too, would like to do this and look forward to the process.  I'm sure the answer is something like "We just released this!  Give us some time then put in a support request", but I'm hopeful there is a more automated way.  We can pull our keys from steam into the website, I'm hoping we can do the reverse.

Looking forward to digging into SD5!


That can't be right.  It sounds too easy :) [/size] [/size]Appreciate the fast answer.  Ordering now....Michael

Hello everyone,

I'd like to do the pre-upgrade, but I previously purchased SD via steam.  How would the early upgrade system work?  Just purchase it via the website?  How would this translate?

I really like using it via steam.  It automatically upgrades.  I can use it across machines with no license issues.

Anyway, I'm really excited about 5.



Hello everyone,

Just a suggestion, but I have a hard time following all the blogs that I do and use RSS feeds to keep me up to date.  I've been poking around the Allegorithmic website, and it doesn't appear to have RSS access to the blog.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has the URL to that and if it's not enabled, I'd like to make the suggestion that it be setup.

Thanks.  I'm just starting to get into the products and am really impressed.  I can't wait to be a larger contributor to the community and I certainly don't' want to miss any of my Allgorithmic news.



THank you both for your response.  I did not realize that "space" could be hit to show tiling.  Fantastic.  Much appreciated Gaetan.

Daniel, I'll try what you said.  Thanks.  I was able to get this working somewhat using an FX-MAP, but the ability to control the look is more limited.





I'm working on a texture using the stripes node and I need it to be seamless and I'm having a hard time with it.  I've attached an example of the texture and then one with a Photoshop offset applied. 

I've tried to use just one stripe and a 2D transform rotation to get exactly 45 degrees but that also doesn't work. 

I'm sure there is a fairly easy way to do this and I'm hoping all the experts here can point me in the right direction.  I'd appreciate any ideas on this.  I am fairly new to SD.

Secondly, it would be fantastic if  the 2D output window had a button to tile your texture to see how it would look.  This would probably need a few options on wrap methods.  Just a suggestion...

Ok, got it.  Thanks Wes.  I used a RGB-A Merge node with a grunge map input.  I've attached the output.  Thank you very much.


Thanks Wes!  That's exactly right.  I'd like to make transparent noise based holes that will show the textures underneath.  I'll try your suggestion.



Hello everyone.  I apologize for the basic question, but I'm new to SD and am making texture that's beat up and it looks great.  But now I'd like to put some ragged holes in it.

My thoughts was to grab some noise and use it as the mask to blend the main background with a constant texture which is just a fully transparent. 

Well, obviously if it was working great I wouldn't be posting here :).  I think the issue is that the transparent is, well, transparent and so the blending doesn't do anything.

How would you accomplish this simple tasks?  Thank you for any pointers.


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