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Hi guys!

IMHO it would be awesome if we had an option to bake in a sRGB LUT when exporting color channels to OpenEXR like diffuse or specular.
For all other non-color or single-channel outputs linear space is perfect, it's just that usually if you import an EXR to e.g. MODO it assumes it's in linear space, so all color channels are too bright. I have to manually tell the application that this texture contains sRGB values.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Weird export behaviour
 on: September 14, 2015, 04:43:53 pm 
Hi guys!

For testing reasons I built a simple scene containing 5 torii with a different texture set each. Each torus gets filled with a different roughness value:
Torus 1 = 0% roughness
Torus 2 = 25% roughness
Torus 3 = 50% roughness
Torus 4 = 75% roughness
Torus 5 = 100% roughness

I export all maps as 16bit PNGs and import them to MODO. All torii render as expected except for the torus 4 (= 75% roughness).
I then noticed that all maps are correctly imported as "Grey 8 bits" single channel files which MODO correctly treats as "linear", except for the 75% one which gets loaded as "RGB 24 bits" and therefore treated as sRGB image data. This of course gives me the wrong roughness.
I tried to find the difference between the 75% torus and the others in Substance Painter and there was none. All texture sets had the same fill layer and were exported with the same preset.

And as if this wasn't weird enough I tried exporting the maps again. I literally left everything unchanged and clicked the "Export" button again. The files get overwritten and MODO notifies me that the image files exist.
Now also the 50% roughness texture was loaded as "RGB 24 bits".

After exporting again even the 0% roughness texture was suddenly in 24 bits format instead of 8 bits grey.

I double checked in Photoshop and indeed Substance Painter seems to randomly export single channel data files as RGB color files. I have not found the principle behind it and if it might be my fault.

I attached this very scene here, maybe someone can reproduce the bug.


P.S.: I just noticed the very same happens with EXR files as well.

The idea of putting everything needed into one single SPP file is great for exchanging painter projects by just exchanging one single file. By the way, is it an archive based on HDF5 like e.g. Alembic?

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to export the mesh from an SPP project to get it back into the 3D application without having to bundle the corresponding 3D mesh separately.


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