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Let's not miss the point: It's not only about ADOBE ... it's about the SUBSCRIPTION MODEL. Imagine having to pay, nominally, $20.00 per month for EVERY SOFTWARE PACKAGE you now own.  I currently have 58 software's on my computer. The subscription model ... and make no mistake: this is where the software industry is headed ... would cost me $1,160 per MONTH. That's $13,920 per year!!.

The "Casual" user ... you know, the ones that made company's like Allegorithmic successful ... just can't afford that. The decision in the future for users will be "Which software package MUST I have."  Some one will lose ...


I was wondering why the change in payment model that Allegorithmic had a bit ago. Now finding out Adobe has been on the board for the last two years only confirms my suspicions. I've been touting the "Allegorithmic" way of doing things (as far as payment plans) for as long as I've been using the software, as the way this SaaS crap should be done. But now I see it was just a "How to boil of frog" method of movement. I hope I'm wrong...

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