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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 04:17:02 am 
Hey nmargie,

going to you should be able to find the Monthly Payment in the Indie License tab.

Best Regards

No I do not see the option for upgrading to SP2

  Let me ask you something:
     Does that option show up after you enter your credit card info? I only went that far because I wasn't sure if I was going to be billed at that point

Keep in mind you are getting a store credit for a 50 dollar mood pack.

I so think of it as spending 21.00 for a 50 mood pack

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 12:25:03 am 
Substance Designer 6 has not been announced yet ;)

Neither was Painter 2,  8 days ago :)

If you do not mind me asking will there be a monthly payment option to upgrade to painter 2? All I am getting is the one time payment option

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 12:23:24 am 
Designer 5 just came out this year?  They said before they were going to bring out new software about the same time

I would think the only other update this year would be b2M3. Then nothing new till next year

I was a little upset at the 100 price tag but seeing they give you a 50 store credit for a mood pac makes me feel a little better

I paid upfront as well, never did the monthly thing

I was thinking of doing it for painter 2 if it was (or will be) an option

Guess I will give it a few days

True a lot has changed but just to give you reference

I bought painter on steam in Oct 2015 linked my account then
I upgraded to live (using this site) in Feb 2016

I got steam keys for Designer 5 and B2m3 (already had on for painter) two weeks ago

So unless something has changed it should be good

I've bought my painter license on Steam. I like the convenience of Steam and I'd like to continue using it, but I don't feel like waiting until next week to upgrade. If I upgrade on the Allegorithmic website today, will I get a Steam code next week?

Yeah I bought painter 1 on steam and linked my accounts. I asked for a non-steam key and they gave it to me.
latter I upgraded to live on their site and asked for steam keys and they gave them to me

My understanding is that they will give you steam keys unless you are making monthly payments. In which case you have to be paid in full before getting keys

Hey Daf57,

Substance Live is still a thing, but I don't know why it says 'No Subscription' in the Account, even if you had paid for it, sorry for that.
For what exactly did you pay the $100? I'm pretty sure you can either get it back or not wasted it. :)

Best Regards

So let me ask

 I paid a one time fee in Feb 2016 to upgrade my painter to substance live. Live is no longer on my account, Are you saying for people like me it should still be there?

  Also are you saying, in one of your earlier post, that the only way to upgrade to Painter 2 is via one time payment; no monthly payment option?


Live users with a Monthly Payment will get Substance Painter 2 for free. You just need to continue paying monthly to keep using it until you own it. What could be a better deal? :)

What about those that bought it outright? I don't see a free SP2 download link in my account.  ???

I am a bit confused by this as well. A few days ago a user said he had 3 more payments, but got an email saying if he extended that to 8 payments 95 more) he could upgrade to painter 2

  Of ocurse reading the release page it does sound like live members get painter 2 for free, but I think that is a case of bad wording

why are you kinda disappointed, what could've been better in your opinion?

Sorry to highjack your question but

   Do you happen to know if they will bring back the monthly payment option for people looking to upgrade their live by buying painter 2? I only see the one time payment option

If you do not mind me asking

  Are you paying a monthly fee for your live or did you do the one time payment? I seen people who are making the payments on here saying they got an email stating if they extend 5 months they get Painter 2. Then I see people like myself that paid a one time fee have live removed from their accounts

I believe that live 2015 or what ever they call it ended for those who paid it off. I could be wrong

In any event if you did pay off your live you should be able to upgrade to 2 for 100

Half my reason for going Live last month was to get access to the Allegorithmic content in Substance Share.
Suddenly it's FREE?!?


  I believe the content in share was always free. Live gave you access to monthly drops that only live members could get. Of course live drops are no longer showing up, so who really knows

I want to upgrade to painter 2 but have a few concerns

 1. I was a live account holder, paid 1 time fee last month, and as of last week my account stated I was not a live user. I am going to assume the old live accounts (that are paid off) are no longer valid. Please tell me if I am wrong and that it will come back

 2. I notice I can upgrade to a live account by buying painter 2 (which is why I came to the conclusion I did for issue 1) but there is only the one time payment option. Are you going to bring back the monthly payment or is that not an option in this case


It should show up on your upgrade page

 Looks like 100.00 to upgrade

I think they stopped the current live subscriptions. I just got it last month and it seems to have been taken from my account as well

  Maybe a slight oversight which will be fixed after P2 is released, or maybe after GDC

 Only a few hours now

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