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SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Creating anime textures
 on: October 09, 2018, 09:48:42 pm 
Messing around trying to create anime style textures in SP and SD for use with UE. Trying to get either the clean CGI toon look or the old style hand drawn.  I already got shadders for UE4, that will give these looks but I was hoping to create base textures so that I can use the art outside of UE 4. 

My most successful attempt at this point was simply removing height map, roughness and metalic maps. Which gives a cartoonish look but not what I am after

Was thinking about creating the color textures in SD with varibles, color, brightness and edge darkening, that can be adjusted in engine

Any advice on this would be appreciated   


I know the official word is "Unity has the patch and we wait on them" but was hoping more info has come out

I see that there is a new substance api for unity due out in the next few months. Wondering if this means we will have to wait for it to get SD6 into Unity

I believe SD6 and SD 2017 are the same thing. I had to email tech support about upgrading from SD5 and they made it sound that way.

Sorry I seen another thread where someone is having the same issue as you. They are SD6 users but unable to download SD 2017. Just send in your info as per the 2nd post,18254.0.html

You are right, the one time fee of $75 will only upgrade SD.
The Live offer gives you access to the latest versions of Substance Designer, Substance Painter, B2M and Substance Source, hence the higher total amount. You are not obligated to pay the entire year though, you can stop at any time, but you will lose the ability to use the software. You will also be able to redeem a definitive license of SD after 8 months/payments (total of $99).

Thanks for the answer. Guess it is better to just upgrade via 1 time payment. 

I am a bit confused on this offer as well. I own SP2 SD5 and B2M3; upon hearing SD6 was out I rushed over to upgrade.

 I can pay a one time fee of 75
 pay 10 a month for 6 months followed by 20 a month for 6 more months (180 dollars)

  I believe I am missing something. I went through the live upgrade order system hoping to see the final cost I would need to pay but it seems to suggest I would have to pay the entire year. Is that correct?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Toon/Anime style painting
 on: September 16, 2016, 10:52:14 pm 
Anyone know of a good video or tutorial that covers painting in anime style using painter? I am thinking the easiest thing to do would be create the materials in SD but was hoping there was a easier default methods already in painter

Dang you know your spelling bad when you miss spell PBR :)

   Ok so it is that there is a default preset in painter 2 but it can be done in painter 1

Sorry you are correct the UR4 training is still there. If you look at the play list you got to hit the more button. It appears that little button did not want to load on my Kindle 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Painter 2 and Blender
 on: June 29, 2016, 01:31:03 am 

   I am currently user Painter 1, and looking, but holding off, upgrading to Painter 2. Someone told me that painter 2 can export PDR materials into Blender. While I have been able to export my textures from Painter 1, I have never been lucky at getting them to go PDR

  So I wanted to know if it is in fact true that Painter 2 PDR format is Blender compatible?

  PS: I also noticed that the Substance to UE4 tutorials have been taken of the Allegorithmic youtube channel. Is this because new ones are coming for Painter 2



I got the emails yesterday, which set a lot of things straight. I have, well had, no issue with the 100 price, and understand, in regards to live, that plans change.

As I said on the SP steam forum, it is good to see that Allegorithmic finally let the customers know what was going on

Hey nmargie,

why do you think the people paying on a monthly basis are preferred? What benefits they have you have not?

Best Regards

I believe we settled many of the concerns in another thread but

1. Monthly users still have live while those who paid one time not only no longer have it, but are given no reason as to why
   1a. Live was taken away from us last week without any explanation
2. Paying member got emails telling them  the cost of SP2 before Wednesday while those who paid once were left in the dark
3. It appears that when a paying member ask a question there is an official response, yet when someone who paid one time there appears to be no one wanting to answer the question
        3a. I have been asking for the past day two questions.
                   1. Is my live gone or is it coming back
                   2. Will there be an option to upgrade to SP2 using monthly payment like there was in the past
          The only answer I got for question 2 got was "Go to the live and it is there" when it was not there. The problem was that you were correct it is there but Allegorithmic changed the way it works (without wanting to tell us) and you can not upgrade to live using a monthly payment if you already own some of the tools. Which is a big change compared to the live will be a yearly thing you guys mentioned not to long ago
          The only answer I ever got for question 1 was an un official response from you only after I got ****** off that no one was answering simple question like these

   Look at the forums,
 When a paid user ask something, like what happened to my account, they get an un official answer from you. Which is not your fault at least you are answering the questions.       
   But if a paying user ask something no matter how minor Allegorithmic is right there with an official answer.

 As I said before if Allegorithmic took as much time communicating with their customers as they do asking for money. Plans change we all get that, we are adults we can take it.  Did you killed the live program, is that it you have no clue what you are going to do with it? Just be up front and tell us. Will some people be upset? Sure but I would rather be told up front then spend days thinking
     "Should I buy SP2 now or should I wait in the event my live account is reactivated and I can do the monthly payments?"
Of course if I was a monthly customer I would have my 'official" answers

In any event my concerns where mostly addressed and I will be upgrading in a bit

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 09:54:58 pm 
At least it is an answer.

   I have to say your marketing/PR team needs to be replaced

 Not long ago the news was they were going to make live a yearly thing. Live 2015 would become 2016 and so on. Plans change and it appears that this may no longer be the case, which is fine. The issue is that for some reason Allegorithmic doesn't want to say anything. So what you have is people going

    1. Well they just said live would be a yearly thing
    2. My live is gone so it must be time for  live 2016
    3. They talk about benefits for live members
    4. Yet my live is gone and the only people who have it or gotten emails are people still paying
    5. Why are people paying still live when people who, paid upfront, have not had it for a year no longer
    6. Allegrothimic is not making any statements
     In other words people are like WTF man

  As for upgrading to SP2. From what we just discussed it appears the easiest, cheapest thing would be just pay the 99 upfront. Which is fine and I will do it in a few. The issue it seems to be yet another area where Allegorithmic made changes (the way the monthly payment option work) but do not want to say anything. If they would have done that I would have not been looking at my computer screen reading another "The payment option is here" response thinking "it is not f88888 there"

I quess what I am trying to say is someone at Allegorithmic needs to take a minute and make a quick forum sticky addresses changes inhow things work. It would go along way in answering many peoples questions   

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 07:39:34 pm 
OK  let us go through this slowly
SP2 upgrade
1. There is no direct upgrade to sp2 with monthly payment - we both know this
2. If I go to "get live" and select upgrade (since I own 2 of the three tools) there is no monthly payment option there only 1 99 payment
3. If I do what you suggest it simply says a 19.90 payment for live with no information about how many months, or how much I would pay

  Ok so those are my options. Just so we are clear:
   Are you telling me to go to the live monthly payment option and sign up for the 19.90 a month (option 3)? Because that option appears to only be for the entire package.

The live issue:
   Why didn't someone just say this yesterday? I know I was not the only one asking about this. OK so I now know that the live thing is not some error and it is not coming back

Tanks for the details

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: sketchfab discount
 on: March 17, 2016, 07:09:06 pm 
Ok it is not there, not sure what the issue is but

  It is clear is Allegorithmic only cares about people who are on the payment plan:
     These people still have live while those who paid a one time fee (some of us just last month) lost it last week
     These people know about the price days before the announcement
      God forbid someone on a payment plan has an issue, the world stops while Allegorithmic bends over backwards to solve it

   Not sure why it is so hard to get simply answers from you people. Why is live removed from my account, why is there no monthly payment option? You people have the time to ask me for another 100 (which not only would I have paid, but even defended the price point on here and steam) yet have no answers to simple questions

  I get it, you do not want business, so I will respect your wishes and find an alternative to your products

Hm not directly related but I remember the email saying something about compensation for current live users for the stopping of monthly drops. What was that again?

Yeah the features look amazing! To be honest I can imagine why many people feel frustrated especially if they bought Painter during latter half of last year. Especially for students and like it can be a big sting. Then again being in the live I suppose it's easier for me to relate to the commercial side Allegorithmic has to consider since I'm not directly affected as much.

  You still got live? I bet you were paying monthly right? Because it seems they are treating the monthly payers much better than they do those how paid outright. If I would have known this  fromt he beginning I would have either went monthly or not bought at all

I believe if you buy after Feb 1 P2 is free

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