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You got to wonder if Allegorithmic didn't simply see the writing on the wall

  They are the cutting edge of their market = They spend money on development
  They offer the best prices for their tools = They are not bringing in as much as the could

 Now competitors are entering the market, some are free to use like Blenders future add-ons while others cost. Two problem they bring are
   1. They can copy the good of SP/SD without spending the money into development
    2. If 1 holds true they can offer lower prices than Allegorithmic

   Allegorithmic can easily find itself in a price war, a war thats going to hurt thanks to the above. A sellout to Adobe may have been their only choice

9 days ago:
"Dear Friends,
The Substance team needs you.
We want to keep growing, keep improving, and give you what you need. That's why we prepared a quick survey: only 5 minutes.
Your feedback is essential: it will help us create the best possible experience!
Answer the survey
You can win one year of Substance! (and either keep or gift it)
Thank you,
The Substance Team"

So, who is the winner?
I guess the prize is now a CC subscription...

Mixamo had a month long sale. For 30 days they talked baout all the upgrades that would be coming and soon to be released.

As soon as the sale ended they siad 'We sold to Adobe and we have no idea if we will do any of the things we promised oyu for the past 3o days." They even attempted to tell people the sale came out of nowhere and was a last second thing

Funny side note
   When people demanded refunds Mixamo claimed they no longer can handle the money legally. So when people like my self pointed out that "Why are you still selling a PBR material pack add on for Fuse right here on steam?" Their officecal resposne is that it was nto them selling it Allegorithmic created a steam account with their company name and was selling add ons for Fuse under that identity 

I guess you know more about our deal than we do then  ::)

All due respect it appears you do not know about the deal. One of your posts said something along the lines of "The details are being worked out and I can only comment on what I know now." So if the details are being worked out, no one knows what the deal is

I said this before Allegorithmic has been good to us customers for the past few years. With that you got to face facts

  You are not the first people to be bought out by Adobe. So this is not the first time that a bunch of new Adobe employees spent the day telling customers "Everything will be fine" only to see shortly after it isn't. You can already see the rift with different talking points being presented here and on the Adobe forums

This thread

We're all for listening to feedback and discussing with you but for the love of the holy spaghetti monster, please stop predicting a future we know much more about than you do.

All will be cleared up in due time and your fears will be defused.

Funny thing about this post? It is the same stuff Mixamo said on the steam forums after Adobe bought them out

What happened to FUSE? Sure it is still around but they took features out and no one uses it


That will not happen, we're not savages :)

Did Adobe buy you in the sense they own the company or is this some sort of partnership

I am sick by the decission and think it is the begining of the end of Substance

  With that I want to say

   I assume people who own SD/SP will still be able to sue the tools. I have little doubt that soon you will need the CC version to make substances in UE4 or unity; but there should be no problem making textures. So while not the best thing in the world it clearly is not the end of the world


Some of the responses to this are uncalled for. There is no reason to wish death on someone or cuss at them because their company was bought out.

I understand that

the deal is done and the ink has dried
at some point updates will only come through an Adobe subscription
The current version will no longer allow substance importing into UE4 and Unity

Allegorithmic has been good to the customers and I just ask for 1 thing
    Allow my current version to continue working. Please do not do some BS where the current versions simply stop working or it is impossible to reactivate them after a re install 

Adobe released a press-release stating it will become part of Adobe Creative Cloud, to offer the full power it has to their already existing designer user base.

You see the same thing everytime Adobe buys a compnay. There are always hold outs who say
   It will be different
   You do not know what will happen

Go over to the steam forums for Fuse. You had people defending the Adobe buy out only to go back a year later upset because it was not all sunshine and rainbows like the hoped for

I'm curious how big game studios are going to see this.  Do they mostly still use adobe products anyways and won't care?

It's obvious how indies are responding because most of us have been doing everything we can to escape adobe and autodesk.

They can eat the cost. If anyone on this board had:
  4 or 5 project releasing every single year
 Making enough money to get a good tax write off on the cost of software

We wouldn't be upset about a possible 52 month subscription fee


and how do you know that it won't go differently (not that I agree that ALL Adobe deals have ended up badly) - the only way to KNOW it won't be different is to know the future - which you do not ;)

Because past performance shows how it goes. The logical conclusion is that it will go the same way as past ventures not differently. So oyu have two sides
  1. Saying this is bad based on past actions
  2. Those who hope this will run differently

  Group 1 is using actually data and past performance to predict future performance, group 2 is making wishing and hopes despite the data and past performance

 Repeating the same thing expecting a different result is insane

Wow - all of these people that know the future! can one of y'all send me the winning lotto ticket numbers? buncha whiners LOL

Congrats guys - I rest assured knowing that you guys will do your best to continue what you have been doing for us all these years - and hopefully you guys can rub off some of your innovative attitudes TO Adobe - maybe you guys are the catalyst needed at Adobe to liven things up!

No need to know the future when you can see past performance. In order for this to go any other way then for some strange reason Adobe would have to treat this deal different than any other deal they have done before

Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.
Ofcourse they dont care. And never did. They have a corporate soul, not a creative one.

I have to disagree 100000% with this. While I hate the decision to join Adobe; up to this point Allegorithmic has been one of the most customer friendly companies. They managed to
   Offer a great one of a kind product
   Keep cost low
   Offered sales and even let you exchange steam licenses for stand online version
   Had low cost upgrade prices


Again, that's not true, almost all of the Mixamo employees are still at Adobe, working on Adobe Dimension and other things, and they are awesome people and our new colleagues :)

Then the Mixamo employees who claimed they were fired lied then.
Let me ask you something

How popular was Fuse before Adobe bought Mixamo?
Now ask yourself
How many people still use Fuse?

@nmargie This can't be further from the truth though,Adobe has a great track record at integrating companies. Even Photoshop was an acquisition, and the team is still there more than 20 years later.

LOL you want to bet on that. Ask the people Mixamo. Adobe bought fuse, had the employees talk about how great the merger would be then fired them.

Well substance may have entered the great void where software goes to die

Not sure who thought this was a good idea but they clearly did not have Allegorithmic or the customers well being in mind

As for the team staying at Adobe. Not going to happen, every time Adobe buys out software the team is fired shortly after that

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