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Hello Guys!

Recently, at the Platige Image, I have opportunity to work on Cinematic's character shading and texturing for Metro: Exodus Cinematic Trailer - Artyom. Here are few renders and screenshots, textured totally in Substance Painter.

Peter Nowacki

Hello everyone,

is there any way to check how long the process of exporting textures from Substance Painter takes?

Peter Nowacki

Hello everyone,

I'm recently digging through web to find some answers and ask few questions about bit depth in substance painter export.

Recently topic about and my personal test bring me a thought abut sense of using 16bit textures painted in Substance Painter.

To be honest, Is anyone using 16bit (RGB16) Base Color texture? And If yes, what are benefits of it exactly when you are creating your texture from scratch, I mean, no textures from textures banks or a something like this. Is it possible to se the difference on naked eye?

Looking through web I've realized that mostly, 16bit helps with emission and of course normal/displacement. I run one issue when 16bit really helps me on soft but mostly flat surface, where difference in spec/high was subtle. But this is pretty obvious for me, that those additional steps really helped then.

Furthermore, even using  RGB16, is anyone using RGB16F? Or even RGB32F? Is there any sense without 16/32 bits input like scans or whatever?

Right now I am doing some test with 8vs16 exports, and then will test it in Arnold renderer, because this is engine I am mostly focusing on right now.

Lets discuss and hope you guys have some experience and stories abut choosing right depth.

Moreover, I have different depth in my scene, I mean, for Channel, there are 8 and 16 bits. Is there any export preset which allows me to got both 8 and 16 bits as selected? Using png/exr/tiffs brings me everything to selected bits in export window (8 or 16).

Thanks in advance
Peter Nowacki

Recently at Platige Image I have a pleasure to work on few assets and shots for the Skull&Bones E3 Trailer.

Here I would like to focus mostly on clothes and dead pirate's skin creation. I can;t imagine working without SubstancePainter with this assets.

Enjoy and please remember to seek for full credits. Trailers are made by many people and everyone's job is crucial.

Full story at ArtStation:

Full trailer:

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