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Yes. I have no other apps running, anti-virus is turned off. I'm painting at the lowest resolution possible, with only one layer. And the mesh I'm using is just the standard MatMan mesh thats in the app.


So I'm trying to convince my studio in adopting Substance Painter for our workflow. I've used Painter 1 for awhile at home, and they agreed to try out Painter 2 in the office. Except the response in the model view is unbearably slow (seconds to respond to a paint stroke). I've lowered resolution to 128x128 and only one layer, and still the same issue.

My specs are:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz
32GB of Ram.
Nvidia Quadro M4000
Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN Black
Windows 7

I've tried the registry edits recommended for the tdr delay, and editing some suggested options in the Nvidia control panel.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as the current standing of the app performance sadly won't get approval. :(

Otherwise I love the app at home. Thanks!

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