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Unfortunately that's not a matter of spending money, the changes we made to the data system in Alchemist for the release are too deep to allow us to convert between them, we've tried but couldn't get satisfying conversion results.

People would be happy with something that takes in their old materials, creates new materials in the release version with the layers and filters they previously used, and sets the same values for the exposed parameters.  For some people we're taking about hundreds of hours of rework this could prevent.

I've lead software development teams doing data extraction, transformation, and analysis in the financial and healthcare space for years, so I really do get it.  I can't stop analyzing patient data from 15 years ago, despite the fact that healthcare data architectures are reinvented every couple of years.  I can't discard account information if a client is moving from relational to object databases.

Migrating to a new schema or model can be complex, but it is RARELY impossible.  We can see the v1 and v2 data models (or rather, infer) through the material JSON.  This is not one of the cases where transformation is impossible.

If you need the data, regardless of what model it was previously in, you build a transformation.  If you don't, it's either a matter of time or money.

Hi Baptiste,

I get it - as developers, you can't be forever bound by an early data model, especially when going from beta to release.

However, as a user who has invested significant time into the beta, reporting bugs and building hundreds of materials, there is serious negative impact to changing the model with no data migration strategy in place.  It renders all early adopter work virtually lost.  Sure, there are still JSON files around, but I have to uninstall and re-install the beta every time I want to look at an old material.  I can't even have both versions open to help me recreate the v1 materials in the new version.

In my case, this will lock me to the beta for the duration of my project - which means I will have to keep building new materials in the obsolete data model, to eventually be thrown away.

Grasping at straws here to not lose this work... maybe the development or QA team had to go through a material upgrade process with testing materials from the early beta?  Honestly I'd be happy for a script I could execute locally, not worried about UI integration or anything.  Just something to transform this JSON to the new model.

Please consider defining a path to convert v1 beta materials into the new v2 data model. 


Is it possible to provide the SBS files for some of the alchemist filters like Moss Splatter?  They have behaviors that are really create for blending within alchemist but I have not been able to come up with how to replicate some of their features so that I could make a different type of moss splatter, for example - lichen.  Also, the "rules" for how these filters should behave seems complex enough that SBS files could serve as a temporary stand-in for more detailed documentation.


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