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My understanding is, Indie just refers to the fact you are an individual, but the software is the same. I dunno about a $60/month subs, $19.90 gets you access to source, which is the whole software suite plus assets.

The CVC is normally the last 3 digits on the back of your card I think, (normally called the security code). At least, that's what I used as I have just subscribed to source. Works out at present at about $23.88 with tax per month, (£18.38).

I think in order to work, you need your UVs to stay within the boundaries of the UV tile. So enlarging the UV's push past this. I often scale up in Blender, but if I then want to export, I'll create a second UVMap and bake to that so other packages can work within normal bounds.

Thanks for the info.

Well, duuhhhhh!  Heh, thanks. :-)

Before I make my mind up, can you tell me, does the perpetual license come with any upgrades for free over the next 12 months? (From things I've read in the forum, it sounds like at least one may be in the works).  Also, on subs, do you have to be connected to the internet for it to work? Does the same apply to a perpetual license, or can that be used offline?

I have been trying to utilise the Hull Damage Smart Material, but it seems all the referenced materials it uses, (clouds 1, Clouds 3, micro hull), are not part of the 2018.1.3 version of SP?  If I paint in the layer "paintable mask", it does not get the effect shown in the anchor layers video, but rather remains as a sort of burned smoke effect.  Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a known issue?

So I may have wasted my money buying a full license?
It seems to me, if you subscribe, you get over 12 months worth of downloads, so over 350 assets, plus access to the whole substance suite, which you can then get a perpetual license for $49. That works out about around an extra 100 quid for everything over buying a full license with no assets.
Forgive me, but it seems as if at the very least, you want to dissuade people from purchasing full licenses as there appears very little incentive to do so.

Wish I had known all this before forking out $178, it would of been more logical to go the subscription route, penny for penny it is ridiculously better value for money over the perpetual license.

EDIT: Is there a mimimum term to subscriptions? If needed, I would subscribe for 3 or 6 months at 9.90 in order to access the materials I want for Substance Painter. Not ideal, but if the mimimum is 12 or 18 months, then I guess I've lost out.

I have just purchased Substance Painter 2018.1.3 on a full indie license perpetual. When I try to access source files, it says I have no downloads. In order to get access to assets, do I have to purchase a monthly subscription on top of paying for the full package? I would of presumed you would get access to assets on purchase of a full product.

Definitely needed, applying textures to things like doors and windows, square ratio is almost pointless. This will be a welcome modification.  :)

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