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I re-did the UVMaps, I also grouped a couple of materials together to make more use of the maps.
Here's an FBX:
This is the blend file I used to export the above:

This is a blend file following working in SP and linking up the textures via live link to show how a result may look:

Finally, a snapshot of SP as I was texturing:

I pulled your object into Blender and initially was rather confused as I couldn't get a decent UVmap. Then I realised your "tube was in fact multiple objects, rather than one actual tube, the "end pieces" of each meant you were getting a ton of objects instead of one nice tube. Dunno if this is intentional or not. Is this a mesh you created yourself? Would it be ok for me to revise it and map it based on how I would approach it?

If you've baked your textures in Blender, instead of building htat texture in SP, you need to import the map. Or bake the maps then replace the required ones. In honesty, if you've textured and baked everything in Blender, not sure why you'd pull it into SP.
The workflow I use is model, uvmap, assign material names, (just simple 'placeholder' materials), use vertex paint to assign an ID map if I want one, then export. I work in SP and then bake my textures out to pull into Blender. If you have the "live link" addon by Hedgehog Labs, (hhconnect in Blender), you can work in SP and update Blender on the fly if you want to see the object within a scene.

My first instinct is to say check the margin on your UV map, just wonder if you are getting bleed-over.

Indeed, activate "show normals" within the blender interface, if the blue lines are pointing inwars, that shows they are not right. Alternatively, go into edit mode and hit CTRL+N to normalize them.

If it's the first time you've opened it since the upgrade, give it time to parse and rebuild the shelf. Every update to Painter I have installed I have opened it and left it for quite a while, (like 30 mins or more), whilst it sorts the database out. After that, it's usually fine.
You can tell if that's the issue by trying to scroll through the library, if most of the materials etc are not yet visible, it tends to indicate it's doing it's build.

Would this be handled by the blend method for a height layer? Additive rather than normal or replace?

Also, is there any particular reason you had to flip the normals in Blender? Do you want a "room" with the polys facing inwards?

I think, for the moment, you can't.

Obvious question first, do you have an opacity channel in your shader setup? Also, is you shader the PBR alpha blend? If not, you won't get any opacity at all.  With an opacity channel, simply set the layer to affect opacity only then apply a mask and use a stencil or projection painting.

Just create a folder where you want it on your system then go into the SP settings, choose the shelf icon and browse to a folder there, give it a name and click on the plus sign, it will be added. If you want this to be the default folder where new imported sbsar files are stored, then simply click the 'default' box for that folder. I do that for mine.

The id map shouldn't be messed up, I've never had that issue. The triangulation is normal and in no way should affect the resulting textures, as it's the uv space which matters, which remains unchanged.

Yeah, they are different, so you don't get exactly the same results. You can get some filters from SP1 on substance Share, (just search for SP_1), I used these. get's you close.

That really isn't about substance, more about your control of it in the final rendering software. When you export the image, you just adjust the UV mapping there to reflect the shift. So in Blender, if I had a 3M plane and it was UV'd to fit the whole plane, it would be 3x3, conversely, if the plane was 1M, it would be 1x1m. To make it look 3m on a 1m plane, I would shrink the UVMAP poly to 33%.

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