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I didn't find a way to change:
- The document size
- The resolution of all texture set settings (size)
- The export resolution of all texture sets

An object that has plenty of UV tiles needs a low document size to be able to work in the beginning, but when I want to export it I want to change the resolution. Do I have to change it one by one for each UV tile? is there a way to change the document size / the resolution for all texture sets at once?

I managed to get the seamless texture on the UV tiles, now I'm faced with the repetitive look, e.g. the bright spot on the left left lane.
I'd like to break the repetitive look.
How would you add variation to individual texture set lists without making the UV tile border visible?

Can we count on you guys to make it in your next release? it's a "game-changer" feature for large scenes. Thanks.

Is it possible to make a substance source material seamless? in Substance Painter / Substance designer?

This is the one I have in mind:
But I'd like to know the process in general as well.

If I understand it correctly the tx file selects the appropriate resolution to display depending on how far or close the camera is to the object, it keeps the RAM low (= faster) even with a big scene.
I scrolled down the list of file extensions but couldn't find tx, is it in Substance Painter, if yes, how do I export as tx?

by making the texture seamless/tile

Thank you. I thought stuff in Substance Source was seamless and I made a mistake somewhere.
By the way this is the material:

If I need to make it seamless, I know how to do that in photoshop, but the file I get from Substance Source is .sbsar?
Is it possible to make it seamless in Subtsnace Painter?

The application where I'm using the normal map asks to choose the space mode for the normal map: tangent or object. They look very different.
The documentation reads "Choosing the appropriate mode depends only on the application used to generate the normal map", I make the normal maps in Substance Painter, hence the question: in Substance painter, is the normal map in tangent space or object space?

If I use UV projection I get nasty seams, although there are no gaps in the geometry.
If I use Triplanar the road material doesn't realise the geometry is curved.

The geometry has several UV tiles, it's one plane/grid repeated and the combined geometry is bended.

Any idea how to make it work: curved + no seams?

Thanks I had to use the same HDRI and tweak the specular map.

Is it just lighting?

I also want to have great UVs, but with some 50 different rocks (of this kind) to scatter around a large terrain, getting good UVs manually is balanced with the huge amount of time I will spend on manual UV of these 50 rocks.
In this case, will substance painter (using triplanar) give me rubbish textures back because I've given him rubbish UVs?

Thanks. It's not for a game. It's for scattering on a large terrain.
Now I've changed and do the UV mapping on the low poly, but I still get kind of rubbish UVs. The thing is I use auto UV's.
With auto UVs in any 3D package we can tweak some parameters but we have limit control, so there is always going to be some rubbish in the UVs, the question is should I worry about that if I use triplanar?

For some dense and complicated meshes I apply auto UV in the 3D package, and I get something for UVs.
Is it just a requirement to have UVs? and if I use triplanar does it matter how rubbish are the UVs?

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