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Just thinking how difficult it is sometimes to determine which Substances to load when you have a large library of them.  Descriptions (via file name) are not always enough.

Would it be possible to have each SBSAR file be embedded with a thumbnail of the texture?  Or perhaps the icon is the texture and it could have the Designer icon in one of the corners? 

I'm sure there are lots of reasons to NOT do what I'm suggesting, so perhaps in addition to the suggestion, I should ask, how do you browse through a large library of Substances using an open/import dialogue box where you can't see thumbnails?

Ok so it finally let me post.  It seems like it is the screenshot I was trying to attach that it didn't like. 

OK - the Painter problem: It freaks out on me sometimes while painting.  It does irreversible damage to the work I've done and I have to start over each time this happens. 

Part 2 - sometimes, a session goes well, and I save my work to continue it the next day, only to open the file the next morning and it looks glitched out in a similar way.

It's driving me a bit batty as I keep having to redo things.

PC - i7-6700 @ 3.4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070

What can I do to stop this madness? 

I keep trying to attach the log file and an example image but after I hit "post" it just goes away and shows me the blank "Start new topic" form again.

I'm having a major issue with Painter.  It freaks out on me and wipes out work - sometimes while painting, sometimes after reloading a project.

I've got a project coming up that will require some near photoreal environment imagery.  I've added new tools to my pipeline to help achieve this:

Substance Designer
Substance Painter
RedShift for C4D

I've got a lot to learn, but thus far I'm very impressed with the tools!

Beauty pass:

Clay render:


This is continuing to happen with one project in particular. (The one shown in the screen shots).  I have repainted it several times and saved my work to get rid of the grid-like artifacts, then when I open it again later to add more layers it has the artifacts again.

How can I submit this as a suggestion/request?

When exposing parameters from Substance Designer for use in SP, is there a command to return the exposed parameters to their default values?  I've exposed some color swatches and altered them but now need them back to the original colors.

Sorry for such a n00b question.  Yes I just used the "word" n00b.  ;D

Content - Substance Source - materials request:
 on: February 02, 2018, 05:24:37 am 
I would love to see you drop a library of various plant-life materials.  i.e. Lots of different types of bark

Has happened twice now.  I'm on the latest build (Substance Painter, version 2017.4.2,
Build 2052)

I'm fairly new to Substance in general, but I have the workflow down pretty well.  Was very disappointed when I tried to resume some work this evening and reloaded a SP project.  Almost all channels have this strange displacement/bump/normal grid offset to them.

Any clues? 

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