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Hey guys,

I have a question: Which type of Licenses offers Substance Bundle on Steam? Can company which has more than 100K of income purchase it there?


Hi, I've just bought Painter License (perpetual) and found out that the license type is not floating.. Does it mean that I will not be able to use it at my home PC? I want to be able to use it both on my work and home PCs. Also I didn't see any option to choose between floating/non-floating licenses, there was just one type. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your reply. THe problem is that Painter's baker just can't read Polypaint information in OBJs. So in the end I just exported FBX directly from Zbrush and was able to bake ID map in Painter. Thanks a lot!

I know this may be 3D soft-specific but may be someone knows the answer to my question still.

I’m struggling with exporting my highres polypainted in Zbrush model to Substance Painter. Of course I could do it in Maya or Max by just selecting needed polygons and assigning different material IDs on them, but with millions of polys in a scene it's a pain to select millions of polygons and assign IDs on them. So I would prefer having Zbrush's polypaint to act as Color IDs map. But highres FBXs which I export from Zbrush and then import in Substance for baking don't have IDs information - I tried all options (material/vertex color) What is the correct workflow for it and is it possible? Please help and thanks in advance! Thanks in advance!

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