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I work on a script who work with toolbar button.
this button is launched at startup via "Python plugins paths"
but I have little issue:
-> the toolbar is diplayed 2 times   ???

my test script come from official documentation
I just copy paste your example in my test script file

probably i use bad method to start the stoolbar at launch, are you another way for me?

thaaanks  ;)

I work actually on reaction between my engine and substance work.
I generated texture but the time is around 1sec. its corect in 2k  :D
but when I work on several texture output, and if I upgrade texture size to 4k the performance  :-\.

My question idea is :
Quick way to show output node is substance designer. ( but my engine have a little pbr differences)

its possible to know memory adress of an output node to read this directly by my engine?
I found this idea interesting , am I crazy? or this feature already exist ?

Im only an artist , its very naive question  ;D
thanks team for your awesome work


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