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I have a series of models with geometry similar to the attached, where I need to mask off the bottom at an angle. At the moment I'm hand painting it which I'd prefer not to do as it's slow and imprecise. I've had a go at trying to use generators to mask it (baking position/WSNormal maps and using Light/WSN generators for example), but I can't seem to find one which handles the rotation of the mask. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve this using generators/filters?

I'm considering going back on the Subscription licence, but still have a few months left on my year's maintenance for SP (SD maintenance is currently expired). My questions are:

1) If I go to Subscription, does that one fee of $9.95 a month cover maintenance for both SP and SD?;
2) Would moving to Subscription essentially mean I'm throwing away the money I've spent for those remaining months of maintenance for SP, or is there a way it can be recouped/credited to my account?
3) It's ~$30 a year more for the Perpetual licence over just buying a years maintenance for SP and SD separately - what does that remaining $30 a year give access to? Source?

I've got an SBS I want to open - I'm currently using SD version 2018.1.2. When I try to open the SBS I get the error message in the subject, "Current application manages format version "" instead of """. Does "" not mean SD version 2018.1.1, and if so shouldn't I be able to open the SBS in 2018.1.2? If not, then what version do I need to open this SBS? I don't really want to have to buy a later version just to open this...

I've had a look in the forums for this but it seems like complete chaos in there at the moment! Instead of trying to figure out other people's errors I thought I'd just post my own.

I subscribe to Indie Live, and pay $19.90 a month since November 2015. When I go to the upgrade tab I get the "There is no upgrade available for your account" message. Why am I not eligible for an upgrade?


I've baked a curvature map in Substance Designer and imported it into Painter, but I can't see where I assign this map as the curvature map for my mesh. Sorry I know this must be a really basic request but I just can't seem to assign it.

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