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I have a series of models with geometry similar to the attached, where I need to mask off the bottom at an angle. At the moment I'm hand painting it which I'd prefer not to do as it's slow and imprecise. I've had a go at trying to use generators to mask it (baking position/WSNormal maps and using Light/WSN generators for example), but I can't seem to find one which handles the rotation of the mask. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to achieve this using generators/filters?

I was subscribed to Substance using the rent-to-own model from a few years ago, then chose to 'cash out' and buy the software outright (which I believe is now known as having a perpetual license?). I pay for a years maintenance as and when, as I don't want to subscribe and don't always benefit from the point release features.

So am I right in thinking I have until October 31st 2020 to buy another years maintenance, which will run until October 30th 2021?

I'm considering going back on the Subscription licence, but still have a few months left on my year's maintenance for SP (SD maintenance is currently expired). My questions are:

1) If I go to Subscription, does that one fee of $9.95 a month cover maintenance for both SP and SD?;
2) Would moving to Subscription essentially mean I'm throwing away the money I've spent for those remaining months of maintenance for SP, or is there a way it can be recouped/credited to my account?
3) It's ~$30 a year more for the Perpetual licence over just buying a years maintenance for SP and SD separately - what does that remaining $30 a year give access to? Source?

I've got an SBS I want to open - I'm currently using SD version 2018.1.2. When I try to open the SBS I get the error message in the subject, "Current application manages format version "" instead of """. Does "" not mean SD version 2018.1.1, and if so shouldn't I be able to open the SBS in 2018.1.2? If not, then what version do I need to open this SBS? I don't really want to have to buy a later version just to open this...

Oh, so when you say 'added automatically' you mean I'll get an update to upgrade my existing SP1 to SP2? How does that affect my pricing? Do I keep paying the $19.90 until I hit the $299 price?

One last thing (and thanks again for your help with this): will I get an email notification once the SP2 licence is available in my account information, or do I just need to keep checking back periodically?

Thanks again,

Hi Fabian,

So as long as I continue my subscription (which I am) I will in theory get SP2 instantly, and the fact that I can't see that upgrade option on my account at the moment is presumably an error/delay on Allegorithmic's side and nothing to do with any sort of ineligibilty on my behalf? If so do you know when I can expect the upgrade option to appear in my account?

Hi Fabian,

I've seen you all over the forum putting out fires left, right, and centre - thanks for your response!

Just so I'm clear: when you say our licenses will upgrade, what does that mean exactly? Will it be clarified on the website what we have to pay, what we'll get etc?

I've had a look in the forums for this but it seems like complete chaos in there at the moment! Instead of trying to figure out other people's errors I thought I'd just post my own.

I subscribe to Indie Live, and pay $19.90 a month since November 2015. When I go to the upgrade tab I get the "There is no upgrade available for your account" message. Why am I not eligible for an upgrade?

So go to the texture tab instead and try again to drag and drop your baked maps in the additional map slots.

Aah, I knew it was going to be something embarrassingly simple! Thanks, that fixed it.

The AO, Curvature, Position and the other maps made by our bakers go into the additional maps slot available in the texture set properties.

Hi Froyok,

Thanks for the reply.

I've baked a curvature map from Designer and imported it into Painter - it's currently sitting in the 'alphas' tab of the shelf. My issue is that I can't assign it to the curvature slot in the texture set properties: I can't drag it into the field for example. As I say I'm sure it's something obvious, I just can't see it!


I've baked a curvature map in Substance Designer and imported it into Painter, but I can't see where I assign this map as the curvature map for my mesh. Sorry I know this must be a really basic request but I just can't seem to assign it.

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