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Hi All,

I'm pretty sure this is an issue that has crept in due to something else I've changed in my workflow, but I just can't put a handle on what it is or where to turn it off.

When adding a dirt layer using a basic old black mask and a dirt generator, the dir has begun gathering too much in areas of the mesh under shade.  I'm finding myself doing a lot of painting to get the effect I want (a more uniform distribution of the grunge). I think this something to do with AO in the baking process but not sure what to turn off to stop it happening.

Help appreciated.


Wondering if there is an easy way to create multiple straight lines, evenly spaced without having to draw them all by hand?

In the attached image I have several painted timber board walls.  I want to make the ridges between the boards more pronounced.  The wall on the right I have done by hand and while it looks ok, I'd like the process to be less time consuming and the result to be a little more regular.

Any tips?

if you use the alpha channel of your basecolor in your A channel in the export template you should be able to export a texture with transparency.

This was the ticket, thanks.  I had the A Channel from Opacity in the export, not the A Channel from the BaseColour.

@kevingrassia thanks for the assistance also.


I should mention:

- My shader is pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blend.
- I am exporting BaseColor to RGB and Opacity (Alpha)

Hi All,

I want to produce a PNG file similar to the one attached. Also attached is what I have done wehere you can see that the material is transparent in the left viewport except for the rust stains but when I export to a PNG with Alpha I get more like the image on the right.

I have been able to do this once before but cannot reproduce my results.  Please help!

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