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I am setting up a generator, and I expect to always have a baked normal available, even if blank, but in the case that I don't I'd like the default color to show. Is there a bool value that can be set,(if found)? If I hit the "X" in painter then my default color shows and processes as expected.

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I'm making a Cavity generator. I have the basics setup still need to add some more control, and visible if's don't work in painter so make that cleaner for painter.

But exports work kinda... If i export the graph straight out of designer as bitmaps as srgb i get 50% grey srgb which is great.
I played with levels and if i export out of designer i get 186 srgb or linear 50%.. right? but when I bring that same generator into painter I get 169 grey... I've tried playing with the output node, channels, usage, color space, but can't find the appropriate solution if there is one.

I made another levels node and just kept tweaking until it was 186ish. I use a softlight layer to add cavities/highlights... the  levels node works... but I would like to know how to make it work without the tweaking to make it work.

To test in designer you can export out flat maps currently, or bring in your own normal map replace the baked normal connections and connect the appropriate outputs to the cavity node and export out of designer.

(Without your own normal maps if you added), Try publishing to painter and see the difference in greys. 186 srgb in painter on softlight should show no effect. attached .sbs

I have the latest version of designer. The generators listed below all have Micro Detail inputs in Painter. I opened them in substance designer, didn't see any nodes for micro details inputs but thought I missed them hidden somewhere. but when I export they aren't there either. So my guess is either these aren't the exact ones used in Painter? or Allegorithmic is doing an extra step after this to add the micro details. How are they added?


I'm working on a Cavity generator that will take in both the baked normal and the "realtime"  normal and height information from the paint layers like the anchors and micro details access.

When hitting "c" on the keyboard the "Normal+Height+Mesh" would actually be what I want to create from the baked normal and the realtime details from added paint layers. Then generate my cavity from that.
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I searched and found one other post about this, but could not find an answer or .sbs to look at.

How do I use Anchor Points/Micro Details in my own custom Generator?

I understand how to use other inputs. I searched to try to find the generators from Painter in .sbs form that use anchor points but I could not find them online anywhere.


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