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The vehicles I work on require many small decals all over the vehicle and these cause baking shadows if you use ignore backfaces set to never. However if you turn ignore backfaces to Always, then you don't get the shadows from the decals, but you get light leaking around geometery.

We recently added a new matching by name setting that allows to discard floating geometry only, see:

Hello guys,
Did this process improve since then?

I am struggling managing an assembly from blender into substance painter.
I have several texture sets (i need to see the whole assembly in substance) and want to bake meshmaps for some texture set only, excluding other sets.

All we need is to ignore hidden texture sets from being baked onto visibile ones while baking meshmaps.

Using matching by name as suggested is not a solution at all, since you would need to rename tons of objects in blender but also very hard to keep track of a large assembly, requiring hundreds of try out until you get it right.

This seems to be a very simple option to add, why is it not in substance yet? 

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