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I am now working on 32" monitor with 4k and the substance fonts/interface is very big.
A lot of the screenspace is wasted because I have widen the panels extremely.
I can't change the system settings (150%) for scaling, because it is good for all other applications.

How can I adjust only the Substance Painter UI scaling and/or Font size?

Hi there,
wasn't there once possibility to set layers on grey?

I use that grey color to tag "unimportant" layers or such that are just optional (but shouldn't be deleted).

What happened to that color?

The 4k scaling of substance on a 4K monitor is still much too big.
And when I go to properties and let it be scaled to 150% by system ("recommended") it is much too small.

And scaling higher (like 200%) isn't good, because this affects all other proper designed applications, too.

Please add a resolution feature to be able to customize substance at least in 50% steps for individual displays.


p.s. there has been a very old thread with the same topic. so I created a new one for the same issue.

I attached a screen movie to show, that the pivot for tranformations is completely invisible.
I am fighting since days with that problem.

As you are now anyway an Adobe company, maybe take it the technology to keep UI elements visible from Photoshop.

Thanks for looking

I'm wondering why an Instanced Layer does not replicate changes, when changing the scaling of UV projection of a texture.
In my case the other object is an exact duplicate with it's own texture set, so it makes sense to have identical changes.
(Some texturing parts need to be the same, some parts will be different later)


many tutorials show already how to create an individually designed surface, even with organic realistic themes like for example a meadow with mud and other details.
But if you use it in substance painter (or any other applicaton) to fill a large area, you can always see the pattern.
All the realism in detail is nothing worth if you see it from far distance (like a meadow in front of your feet that reaches to the  top of a far mountain).
Because if you try to fill a large area, you need to stagger and replicate. But all your possibilities are limited then to positioning the tiles, instead of generating real variations of those tiles.

The stupidity is, that there ARE always randomization parameters available, which could make each "tile" looking individual, but I did not see a function or application, that makes use of them, when distributing the tiles.

So I'm completely missing the ability, not only to create one identical tile as output which is replicated, but also to randomize the output parameters for each single individual tile within a customizable range.

This would give the chance, that there is no more artificial pattern visible, which makes pictures often looking so cheap generic.

I have scanned a structure, and created a shader for this.
Now when I use it in Substance Painter, it takes always ages to load it.
The sbsar has 570MB size.
I have used quite large photographs, but I think it does not need that extreme accuracy.

How it's possible to make the sbsar-file loading faster?
Just with a click on the layer in substance painter causes a long waiting time.

Thanks for help..

I am experiencing an annoying thing: At each Autosave of Substance Painter is my complete workstation freezing.

I wonder, if that can't be influenced better, that it doesn't take all capacity and stops my work
(I have a powerful workstation wit double-CPU and 2 GPU and 64GB RAM and SSD, so it is completely unneccessary).

And also it happens when I am right in an action.
I think it should come at least a sign or a countdown (a feature also known from zBrush), so that I can manage the timing, or decide if I want to be stopped for some time in my work.
And wrong seems to me, that even when I don't have changed anything it is Autosaving...

Thanks for help!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Hotkey for Blur Tool?
 on: February 10, 2019, 09:33:48 pm 
Looking for an hotkey for the blur tool.
Can I define it or is there one?



I have a mesh with another surface layers behind (such like clothing).
They do not intersect.
In the beginning I could work with it, but after some time the object looks corrupt.

Attached a detail screenshot.

- I am also looking for displaying my mesh as a two-sided material, in my other softwares this is just a button I need to press.
(I read about PBR with alpha blending - is that the same like doublesided?
In case, how can I apply that to my project?)


Hi there,
my Substance Designer archive has 700MB with all Maps in 4K. I did a material scanning, using 8 Highres photos.

How to  make it smaller, without getting a big loss in quality?
In the beginning I got an option box, when exporting, now I can't find it anymore.
I want to work in Painter.

I also had created my Substance Painter project in 8k. Not sure, which affect this has, too.


I am quite annoyed in Substance Painter, that I can't set the NormalMap format by default to OpenGL.

In Substance Designer it is already possible, please provide the option asap for SP, too.

I am quite annoyed in Substance Painter, that I can't set the NormalMap format by default to OpenGL.

In Substance Designer it is already possible, please provide the option asap for SP, too.

Hello everybody,
When I want to publish a SubstanceDesigner Material, I get the yellow warning:
"Warning: found graph with non relative to parent x 1outputsize parameter".

I understood from tutorials, that I have to put the Output Size before publishing on "Absolute", when I want to have 4k quality.
Is that correct? Or only for map export?
Or is this the reason for the warning? I just want to make sure to have 4k quality...

How can I generate a preview image for own created substances in SD? ("Enable Icon") I did not find a tutorial...

Thanks for explanation!

Iís it possible to pause ViewPort updates?
Sometimes I would like to adjust severyl aprameters until I need to see what's happening.
In situations, where any change means a minute waiting time, this can make a crucial difference.
In Nuke for example there is a button, that you first create your node graph and adjust it and it only updates when you want.

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