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Just as I was getting through all the drek in my email...


Can You please confirm that I understood FAQ correctly considering my options with subscription-to-perpetual:

With Substance - Indie License started on 2018-11-19 (right now 11 Consecutive transactions) at some point between 20 October 2019 and 31 October 2020 I will need to blow my remaining points on Substance Source and can buy-out perpetual license for Designer+Painter for 49USD for both? Or is it some other sum I need to allocate?

In Substance there is random seed under base parameters, which is very convenient in getting same material with slightly different look in one click.
Do Painter have same feature or something else to regenerate all used noises and such with new seed?

What process steps are exactly?
Is it just uninstall Designer5, install Designer2017, use old key file?

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