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Hey, you could use a threshold node to isolate the value you want, then apply a flood fill + flood to Index (don't forget to activate the advanced options of the floodfill)

Hey did you as support to the creator of the node? He/she may be the best placed to give you the correct answer (?)

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Tree
 on: April 29, 2021, 02:47:29 pm 
Hey, you could also play a bit with the geo so it is more irregular, and doesn't look too much like a tube. this way it will be harder for the eye to spot the repetition

Hey, you can use a threshold node on the mask and adjust the level to your need

Hey this can't be solved directly via this node, as it is not aware of the size of each pattern. Ben Wilson wrote a post that may interest you in this specific case:

Hey, could it be the color profile? are you in sRGB in both cases?

Hey in the tile sampler, you have a color map input (the go into the color param, and push the "color parameterization multiplier" parameter

Hey, is your graph set to 16bits?

Some explanation:
I get the position coordinates of the current pixel.
To get the position of the upper pixel, I have to get the current size of the node and use it to divide 1: this way I have the size of one pixel that I can subtract to current position Y to get the upper pixel coordinates (X does not change, and reminder: X,Y starts from top left angle). Then I make a condition comparing both values.

Hey, you can try this

Hey, just add an output, set the usage to opacity, and right-click on the graph: View Outputs in 3d view.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Export to SBSAR
 on: February 19, 2021, 12:33:03 pm 
This is not forgotten: we just had tons of other to develop as well ;)

Medium - Discussions - Medium by Adobe: FAQ
 on: August 27, 2020, 05:34:05 pm 
Why is Medium by Adobe a new/different app from Oculus Medium? 
• We had to properly convert users from Facebook users to Adobe users, under a different Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Creating a new app was the cleanest way to do this. The new app picks up from Oculus Medium 2.3.3 as Medium by Adobe 2.4 and includes a few new features, plus bug fixes and performance improvements. Ongoing updates to Medium by Adobe will push to this new app.   

Will I need to buy the app again?   
• No. Medium by Adobe is a free download from the Oculus store for everyone.   

Will Medium by Adobe be on a subscription plan?   
• No.   

Will my previous Oculus Medium art open with Medium by Adobe?   
• Yes. All of your current Oculus Medium sculpts will open fine with Medium by Adobe. This includes custom/imported stamps! As always with any software update, you should back-up your drives before downloading and installing. 

What will happen to the Oculus Medium app that I’ve already paid for and/or downloaded?
• Because Medium by Adobe is a new app, the free download will be a completely separate app from Oculus Medium. Whatever version of Oculus Medium you already have will remain on your local machine and will not be affected by the new app. Oculus Medium is subject to Oculus/FB's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and Oculus Medium will not be supported by Oculus going forward. Medium by Adobe will be a continuation of the tool, and will be supported and updated by Adobe. 
Will I need to have an AdobeID?   
• Not yet, but we will likely integrate AdobeID at some point in the future.

Is Medium by Adobe tied to Substance?   
• No. Substance is purchased/downloaded completely separately from Medium by Adobe. That said, we work very closely with the Substance teams, and have a ton of super exciting things in the works! 

Will Medium by Adobe work with Creative Cloud?
• No.

Will Medium by Adobe be available on other platforms like Steam and Viveport?
• Medium's move to Adobe unlocks a lot of opportunity! We are definitely exploring our options for getting Medium by Adobe on more hardware.

What will happen to the existing Oculus Medium social media channels?   
• The existing Oculus Medium social channels will be decommissioned. We're working on our new social media plan for Medium by Adobe, and will likely be joining forces with the Substance community in some way. For now, the best places to commune with other Medium artists is the “Medium by Adobe Artists” Facebook group. We also recently started a Medium channel on the Substance Discord channel, and a Medium forum in the Substance3D forums.

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