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Did you convert your mesh into tris prior to baking normals?

I checked the triangulate option when exporting my mesh from maya to FBX format but never actually changed the base mesh to Tris.

Did you set "Compute tangent space per fragment" prior to baking?

Are your normal maps in the DirectX format?

Is this a Metal Roughness workflow?
I believe it is, I setup my substance project to be PBR metal roughness...

I have followed the link to the best of my understanding prior to posting these questions on the forum....


Pics 3, 4,5

Pics 1-2

Hey All,

I'm working on my first project in Unreal Engine (Version 4.21.2).

I have custom meshes / textures to import, Meshes created in Maya 2018 and textured in Substance Painter (version 2019.1).

My issues is that the asset look very different when imported in the engine compared to viewing it in Substance. (Pics 1-2)

I'm pretty sure I've got everything hooked up correctly. ( Connection setup Pics 3-5)

The colors look flat the normal's don't show up really well. All in all I'm not very happy with how it looks in the engine.

Have I done something wrong in my setup?

Also 1 last thing is that it meant to be a metal pipe covered in rust and it looks as if its made of concrete! I've been playing around with the metal and roughness sliders on my base metal layer but don't seem to be getting the desired results. Is there something I should add or change in my layer stacks to achieve the desired results? (Pic 6)

Hey Guys,

This is my first completed project using Substance Painter for texturing. I know its very basic modelling just trying to get a feel for Substance .. ;)

I would appreciate any feedback or critics you may have!

Maya 2018
Substance 2019.01
Arnold 5

Awesome, everything is working now. Thanks so much for your help  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Okay will do...
Little hazy on what you mean by creating smoothing groups for my lowres mesh?

Can you please explain a little further or maybe just link me tutorial ?

Again thanks Allot

Just edited my post with dropbox link.

Both mesh are overlapping checked and re-cheked ...

Have a look at the files and let me know.

Appreciate the Help!

Hey All,

I'm new to Substance and am trying to complete my first project.
When I try to bake my normal maps all I'm getting is a plain black texture.
I've created my base mesh and High res mesh In maya 2018 .
Meshes are overlapping and to scale. Both have UV.s that are constrained to 0-1 space.
I've set up my maya file with the prefixes _high and _low and each mesh component has its own material to ensure separate texture sets in substance
I've read similar threads on this and checked the solutions against my own files but cannot seem to fix this issue.

Please HELP!!

DropBox Link to Files ;

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