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thanks for the info!! Much appreciated !!

So I figured out why the normal map was not showing up....In the options for Material in the 3D view the Scale factor under height had been reset to 0 upon closing and reopening.
Changing it back to 20 made the normal reappear as they should.

This still leaves my other question unanswered...

How do you save an .SBS file so that all materiel and scene options in the 3D view are also saved?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - First SD Project
 on: October 08, 2019, 11:14:18 am 
Hey internet ,

I'm working through the 'creating your first substance material' tutorial on substance academy.
I've run into a little problem when I reopen the .SBS file that I saved.
My 3D view has reverted back to a cube and my material has reverted back to parallax occlusion.
I've changed it back to hi-res plain and tessellation and reapplied the base material node to the hi-res plain by right mouse clicking drag and drop.
However now in my 3d view the normal map seems to have no effect at all on my plain.
How do i fix this?
And how do i save a project so that my 3d view stays the same way before closing substance??

Ok, thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

OK, so in regards to this issue and my workflow can you suggest how to fix the scaling issues.

I model my base mesh in Maya at 1:1 scale , 1 maya unit = 1cm.

I then GoZ my mesh to Zbrush.

The mesh imports over but it is at a huge scale, even with a brush size of 1000 the brush is barely visible on a mesh that should be only  a few meters high.

I then use the Unify tool in deformation pallet and this resizes my mesh to what i assume is originally scale from Maya. But apparently it is not..?

How can I ensure the scale of my high res mesh, What in my workflow do i need to change to be able to ensure scale in Painter?


Thanks for looking into it .
I must of missed the low.fbx my bad.
I went through the entire setup again and did another sculpt, Still not getting a proper bake though.
I've updated the Dropbox link ,
here it is...

Drivers cannot be updated , Its an old card and the new nvida drivers are not compatible ...

Baking settings are all default i didn't change anything.

Any chance you can can download the mesh files from the dropbox link ^^ and see if you can get it to work on your end??

Here you go :)

Hey Internet,

So I'm baking black normals...AGAIN...

Made all the standard checks, all low poly UVs are in 0-1 space, none overlapping ect..
high poly is a FBX port from Zbrush and Low poly from Maya.
Using substance version 2019.1.2

Here is a link to all my scene files from maya, zbrush and my FBX exports.

If someone with the power of knowledge can have a look and let me know where I'm going wrong this time....

Last time I was getting black normals due to improper naming conventions, but I've checked that this time and its all good...

Cant figure it out!  PLease Help :)))

Hey Internet ,

This is a super long post but I'm stuck and have to explain my entire thought process so hopefully someone can clear it up for me...

I'm currently building a prop in Maya to be later painted in Substance and I am hitting a wall when it comes to UV mapping, layout and texel density....

So the prop in question is this chapel it will measure roughly 10*10*12 meters...

I've broken down the prop in to smaller modular pieces as so....

I would like the scale of the prop to be 1 Maya unit is equal to 1 m.
EG: the red plane in the previous photo should be 1mx1m
Here are my Maya settings...

So I up to everyone's favorite job of UV mapping and I'm going insane because I only just started learning about texel density from this link

So according to this tutorial a hero asset in a FPS game should have a texel density of 10.24 px/cm = 1024px/1m

I read through the tutorial and I feel like I understand it but then in practice it confuses the hell out of me.

Going back to my assets, the red plane in the photo is 1mx1m so if i want a texel density of 10.24px/cm this planes UV's should look like this on a 4K texture, note mayas TD tool is agreeing with me...

So for my assets if I then copy that TD from the red plane and apply it to the rest of my modular assets i get this ....

Huge UV shells that have no hope of fitting within the 0-1 space without cutting them up into so many pieces and having seems everywhere or having a ridiculous number texture maps to ensure my TD ratios is 10.24px/cm

I understand i can stack, mirror, butterfly or offset similar UVs and materials and this would work to some shells....but not for all...

For example the piece below is going to be the building base for the chapel, simple stone texture but i would still like to do a sculpt in Zbrush and add normal's to the low poly so it will need its own UV space . But at a TD ratios of 10.24px/cm its UVs for a single poly doesn't even fit in the 1-0 space of a 4k texture!

Now if I take all my UV shells and do a Maya 3d layout (Crtl+L) it gives me this something like this with a TD ratio of 1.6px/cm still using a 4K texture ... this will result in very poor quality texture no?

But if i change my maya settings like so.... 

my working units are now in CM now my model will be at a scale of 1:100 yes?

So I then again do the same UV layout on now the TD ration is at around 161px/cm as so

So the big question is the UV layout in the final image a good one??

If I continue my workflow with this UV map, move into Zbrush for Hi-Res and Substance for painting will the texture quality now be better than 10.24px/cm and super detailed. Will I be able to have individual sculpted detail show up nicely on my model.

Going back to the first image of the constructed chapel should I aim to have only 1 set of texture maps for an asset of this size. Given that i do want to port the asset into unreal eventually and be able to run around inside it with and FPS camera setup.

Anyways I hope someone can help me out because this TD stuff is literally making me crazy...

Working on my first level in Unreal Engine 4.
Finally finished my first set of assets and got them in the engine!!

So followed everything you suggested and I'm very happy with the results!!

Finally got something that looks how it did in substance.

I have no idea what happened the first time. I must of stuffed something up during the export/import...

But its all good now!!

Thanks allot for your help once again!!


Thanks allot for this!

So i realized when importing my textures for the test plane you had me run my base color imported with the sRGB box in the texture options already checked on by default. This allowing me to choose the 'color' option under the sample type as shown in my pic.

When I imported my pipe textures the sRGB option was off by default for my base color map and unreal was choosing 'linear color' for the sample type. When i enable sRGB and choose 'color' for the sample type the base color map became even more dull than what it was. I never had my base color map as rich as it looks in your screen cap.

So maybe there was some error when I exported my maps from Substance?? In the export window i choose the Unreal 4 (packed) configuration and export at 1024k . I haven't changed any setting here. I'm using substance 2019.1

Or maybe the way I'm importing textures to Unreal is wrong...pretty much just dragging and dropping them into the texture folder in my content browser. I'm using unreal 4.21.2

My unreal project is as you suggest. I did create a starter pack project and delete the place holder meshes. this is I've done in the level, maybe i accidentally deleted some lighting nodes as well. 

I will create a new unreal level  as you suggest and re import everything . but not before going back to Maya triangulating my mesh physically rather than just letting unreal handle it and also go back  and export my textures from substance.

If you can see anything I've done wrong in what I've just explained let me know :)

Other wise ill re-post here once its all redone and hopefully have a better result!

Thank you so much for your help!!

Ill send you a PM! Thanks

My main concern is the difference in actual diffuse color.  Take the dirt for instance, in substance it is dark and very contrasted to the rest, however in Unreal it looks all washed out and blended, same with the rust ....

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