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Jill, thanks for the reply (especially its specificity about timing and versions, so I know what to expect).

Please reach out to me if you would like me to regression test 2.5.0 in a sandbox project before it is released; I will be glad to help if I can.

With version 2.4.4 of the Substance Unity plugin and Unity 2019.3.1f1, I am receiving the following error in the editor console upon exit from Play mode:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Substance.Editor.EntryPoint.NeedsReImport (System.String pPath) (at <c84dad347d4b4c7c97bcf77c1e11b982>:0)
Substance.Editor.EntryPoint.HandleAssignedTextures () (at <c84dad347d4b4c7c97bcf77c1e11b982>:0)
Substance.Editor.EntryPoint.StateChange (UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange state) (at <c84dad347d4b4c7c97bcf77c1e11b982>:0)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_PlayModeStateChanged (UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange state) (at <c10752821eec4acbb89ccd53fbbc5e27>:0)

Double-clicking the message does not link to anything in the hierarchy or project tabs, so this seems to be something global to the plugin rather than triggered by a specific object. All of my materials seem to be unaffected by the error, so if it's trying to tell me one of them needs to be reimported, I am not sure which one.

Just wanted to add my two cents to this. I'm experiencing the exact same issue (literally word for word as the above post, including the web form on the ticketing system not working). except that I cannot fix the bug following those steps. Currently, any Unity project file that has touched the Substance for Unity plug-in on my end appears to be permanently corrupted.

Any Unity projects NOT using the plug-in are fine, so I'm assuming there's a major issue with the plug-in itself ...

What specific error are you seeing with the plugin after you deleted the Substance Source subfolder?

If the plugin itself is failing to install, you may want to check what version of .NET runtime is configured in your Unity project settings. I had all kinds of critical errors with the plugin until I realized it doesn't work with the legacy version of .NET that is still available in some versions of Unity and may have been kept in your project settings during a Unity upgrade.

Try right-clicking on the Allegorithmic top directory in your Project view and doing a Reimport (but *not* Reimport All) and make sure the plugin's DLLs come online, then if that works try one-by-one reimporting each of your SBSAR files. That worked for me once I had the .NET version correct. FWIW, I don't recommend a bulk reimport of all the SBSARs in a folder at once. For me -- and I still have no idea why -- in each folder the first reimport would fail, then once I retried that first import all other reimports in that folder worked until I moved on to another folder in the same project. Again, I have no idea why this was happening, but I always had to reimport the first file of each folder twice.

This bug occurs 100% repeatably for me in Unity 2019.3.1f1 with the latest Substance for Unity plugin as of about last Friday.


On reloading a Unity project where there was a Subtance Source window or tab open as Unity exited and that page expected a Substance login session, the Substance Source window will loop endlessly. It complains that a login is required but will not stop refreshing to allow the login to happen. Furthermore, it seems that window or tab is impossible to close without fully exiting Unity. Even rapid-fire clicks on the window close button are ineffective (although I suspect there is some very tiny window of time during each refresh when the close button might work if I could hit it just then).

Steps to reproduce:
  • Create an empty Unity project.
  • Import Substance Plugin from the Asset Store.
  • Open a Substance Source window or tab in Unity and login.
  • In Substance Source, navigate to something that would require a login, for example, a page showing your purchased Substances
  • Exit Unity editor back to the desktop without closing that Substance Source tab.
  • Wait long enough for session cookies to expire (not sure if this step is required or not)
  • Reopen the Unity project

Level of bug:

Critical failure of Substance Source plugin; no apparent effect on SBSAR file support in the Unity project

Known workarounds:
  • With Unity closed, delete the subdirectory containing the Substance Source plugin (but not the rest of the Allegorithmic plugin directory tree), and be sure to delete the metadata file associated with the Substance Source subfolder from its parent folder. Reopen Unity, and it will function normally without Substance Source.
  • When importing Substance for Unity plugin, omit the Substance Source subfolder and its contents from the import.

With either of these workarounds, obtain Substance Source materials by directly downloading them with a standalone browser session.

Additional notes:

I attempted to report this bug through the formal Tech Support ticketing system, but the web form failed to post because it expected a Captcha to be completed, but my browser (latest version of Chrome, on Windows) did not display any Captcha fields. Captcha fields generally work fine for me, including the one on these forums. I attempted to refresh the page with my ad blocker disabled, but that also did not display the Captcha at all.

Furthermore, the error page showed my bug report text but would not allow me to copy it to the clipboard so I could resubmit the form. Please consider this note a request to fix the web form so an error page allows the text that failed to submit to be clipboarded by the user. I even used the page source view in my browser to try to recover my text to avoid retyping it by hand, but apparently the site uses some AJAX JavaScript thing and the form contents are not actually in traditional HTML sent to the browser.

FWIW, I'm copying this bug report to my system clipboard before I attempt to preview or post it.

I don't have an answer for you, and I'm working on a project deadline today, but if time permits tomorrow I'll see if I can replicate this problem in my environment. What you're doing used to work for me, and the reimport would happen automatically when I next focused the Unity main window. What Unity version do you have?

Second group here.

The plugin is working a lot better for me than it did when it was first moved out of the Unity engine, but it's still not as seamless -- by far! -- as it was when Substance compatibility was integrated into Unity. At least now I'm able to work around the problems that were show-stoppers a year ago, so Allegorithmic please keep moving in the positive direction. :)

I would really like to see this plugin move to Unity Package Manager. I understand Substance became a plugin to decouple Substance engine versions from Unity engine update cycles, and I think that was a good move long-term, notwithstanding the bumpy road we've had so far. What I would suggest is a partnership between Unity and Allegorithmic/Adobe where Allegorithmic provides the packages but they're distributed by Unity as a standard, supported package.

One advantage of this would be that other packages could declare dependencies on the Substance package, a real boon for asset developers and project teams that need to deploy tools team-wide. In shops using version control systems for Unity projects, it is typical to version control only the JSON manifest file for packages and to allow Unity to automatically download needed packages when a project is added or updated from an upstream repository.

Having something as "infrastructure-ish" as Substance as a manual Asset Store download is problematic for adding new team members to a project. I've found that the first time a new project is opened, because of the fact that Unity's "Library" directory tree is -- by design -- not in the VCS, it's common for the Substance plugin to fail to build early enough to prevent a bunch of failed imports of the SBSAR files, requiring the user to manually reimport those files.

As you can see from the fact that I'm typing this, my login credentials work if I login at and select the main menu link to go to the forums.

However, as of today if I click on "Feedback" from the Substance Source web area, or from the main web site, it appears to go to a different forum (or at least a different skin around this one), and the login is completely broken. Attempting to submit a feedback item is refused with a message "please sign in with a provider". When I activate the button to do so, the Account Profile page from the main web site is displayed inside a popup window that presumably was supposed to be for a login prompt. So it appears the Feedback system is not gracefully handling the case where one is already logged in.

This was on Chrome version 78.0.3904.108, on Windows 64 bit.

Make sure your .NET compatibility is set to 4.0 for both editor and runtime, in the Unity project settings (under "Player").

I was banging my head against a wall trying to solve, not this exact problem, but one very similar, and I finally discovered this was the cause. I had upgraded the project from an earlier version of Unity and didn't realize it was still set to .NET 3.5.

I'm definitely nervous about this, even though I am already (by my own choice) on the subscription model with Allegorithmic. I do not use Creative Cloud because I feel the other tools I have from other sources are better.

That being said, I congratulate (sincerely) the Allegorithmic team on growing their company to achieve what is probably a substantial financial success here. I'm nervous, but I'll try to keep an open mind.

One small favor I ask of the new merged company, is PLEASE do not put unrelated products into the installation of Substance plugins and tools by default, requiring the user to opt OUT of installing something unwanted each time there is a minor upgrade. Flash and Acrobat Reader already do this, defaulting to adding an antivirus product during installation.

I really enjoy using Substance Designer in my Unity development work, and I hope it will continue to be the product it has been and evolve as it has been evolving.

Here is another tutorial link you may find helpful:

Support was removed from being prebuilt into Unity, in favor of a freely-downloadable plugin from Allegorithmic:!/content/110555

The reason was that Allegorithmic controlling the plugin fully allows them (Allegorithmic) to adapt more quickly to new versions of the Substance engine than could be done by the Unity team as a second-party.

This should get you up and rolling.

UPDATE: I apologize! That link above is for the Substance Source and Substance Painter live link support. The plugin for Substance engine is not in the Asset Store. Instead, go to the bottom of this page on Allegorithmic's site:

The download is listed as "Windows" but works (AFAIK) in all supported Unity platforms.

I apologize for the mistaken link previously posted. It's useful, but not the one you needed.

Check me on this, because I can't cite a source offhand, but I believe the built-in SBSAR support within Unity may now already take care of the channel mapping and inversion for you. I'm not doing those steps, and it's working correctly for me as of Unity 2017.2.

What I mean by the channel mapping being automatic is that I simply emit a "Roughness" output map from my material, with that channel being marked for the appropriate usage type, and it "just works" for me.

Again, don't take this as authoritative; I'm working from memory.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Unity 2018.1 Support
 on: December 30, 2017, 03:30:24 am 
Man, I am so glad to hear that "deprecated from Unity" doesn't mean what I was afraid it meant! Unity without Substance? Eek!

It was indeed frustrating to wait for SD6 support in Unity, so if this means Unity will now be able to support more recent SD outputs, then ++good. As others have said, thanks to Allegorithmic for the work. Substance is fantastic technology.

First, thank you thank you THANK YOU for adding the text node in the new Substance Designer, and I'm glad SD6 support finally made it into the Unity 2017.2 beta! I was one of the people originally requesting that node, and I'm already putting it to good use in an archviz project.

I did notice a couple of limitations and would like to request they be considered as features for the next version:
  • In Substance Designer, it's possible to enter a multiline value for the displayed text. In the Unity plugin, however, the field in the Inspector is a plain text field that doesn't allow line breaks. I think all you would need to do is change the field type in the Inspector to make this work correctly. Check out the MultilineAttribute in the Unity C# scripting docs ( as one alternative.
  • Ideally, there should be a way to have the typeface size change so the text auto-fits the map output of the node, with a parameter for the desired border in X and Y directions. Perhaps this is already possible now, and I just haven't found it yet?
  • This is a long shot, but is there any way the selection of font could be an exposable input parameter? I can't actually think how to implement that, so maybe it's not feasible. Maybe accept the font name as an input and resolve it to a TTF at runtime?
Thanks for listening, and again thanks for implementing my #1 priority feature request! I'm a happy camper!

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