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My annual subscription is about to get renewed tomorrow which I don't really want to happen at the moment as I am not using Substance too much at home since we have Substance at work. Unfortunately I am very confused about which option to pick when cancelling - simply cancel or buying a perpetual licence. Because the popup says buying a perpetual licence means no more updates but the licence page says that the licences have an end date of 08/12/2018. Does this mean that if I cancel without buying a perpetual licence, I will get updates until 08/12/2018? If I don't buy a perpetual licence at the time of cancelling, do I get to buy the perpetual licence later?

Please see attachments for what I mean


I have a Substance Painter 2 project that I worked on yesterday without any issues and today after I selected the TextureSet called 'FabricPipe' to work on it, it suddenly lost its 'Main shader' that all the other TextureSets have. Reimporting the model doesn't fix the issue. How can I set this back to 'Main shader'? Can you please provide an urgent fix as this is client work and now whatever material I use on this TextureSet it just shows up as flat gray...


I'm just about to get the definitive licence for the indie pack now that Painter 2.x is part of the package. My question is if I am allowed to use materials from Substance Source that I have downloaded earlier even after cancelling my subscription?



I exported my textures from Substance Painter 2.3.1 (also previously tried with 2.1.0) and my normal map has all these strange colours. I have exported normal maps in the past just fine, this is the first time I'm encountering this issue. Can you please explain what is causing this?


Hey everyone, I hope someone can help:)

So I know that when baking a normal map your cage must have the same UV layout that your lowpoly.
I also know that when you bake a normal map, you cannot have any overlapping UVs in your lowpoly because the bakes get added on top of each other.

My question is: Do I have to move overlapping UVs outside the 0-1 UV range for the Cage mesh as well? Or do I keep the Cage UVs overlapping?

Thanks a lot in advance!:)

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my phone box model that I'm texturing. It seems that the faces of my mesh that make up the window panes are flipped.
If you look at the attached image, you can see that the windows appear to be see through and that 2 areas with the same material facing in the same direction produce different shading. For the modeling I used Blender and I made sure that every normal is facing in the right direction. Heck, because it did not work with the properly set up normals I even tried flipping the problematic faces to see what happens but I got the same result. Which is extremely strange because how can these faces only ever look in one direction regardless of the normals I set up during modeling, right?

Each window is made up of 2 large faces, intersecting with the window frame, one of the faces facing outward and the other one facing inward.
Is it possible that the problem is caused by the fact that these face pairs as too close to each other and they cannot be displayed correctly?

I also attached the .fbx, hopefully you can help.

Many thanks in advance!! :)

Hello everyone,

so far I am loving Designer and Painter and it's been a blast working with the package.

For the first time I bumped into an issue. I baked a High -> Low normal map using a cage in Designer in DirectX space.
Looking at the mesh in SD with normal map applied it looks perfectly fine; Painter on the other hand produces all sorts of artifacts.
I made sure that I import the normal map in the right tangent space and I also downloaded Painter's latest version to no avail.
I added an image both from Designer and Painter.

Any advice?

Edit: Added the fbx and normal map as well. Thank you for having a look at this!

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