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hi i tried this and it still faces down. even if i physically rotate my model in blender 90 degrees in the opposite direction and export it out it still faces down. none of this occurs when i look at it in autodesks fbx converter only when i bring it into substance painter.

Hi Just trying to figure out how to use meshes modeled in blender. When i export a 3ds or obj, i get artifacts when i texture like this:

When i export out an fbx file, and then convert it using adobes fbx converter, it rotates 90 degrees on the x axis. Also if i import a mesh on a project with the same UV's (i imported a wolf with its mouth open so i could try to texture inside it) the texture goes all wrong. I would like to be able to import different meshes that have the same UV's so i can get parts of the mesh that i wouldnt be able to reach in the normal pose. I can make vid's if this would help.

Hey Thanks for that

Hi it says here that you can make stencils with an image:

but i cant find anywhere that says how to do that. I'm trying to texture fur on animals, but there is no fur textures/stencils. Any help would be appreciated.

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