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Hey there everyone. I have been having a rough time with the Substance link in UE4. I am making a game and I have started using Material ids for ease of texturing to save space. I ran into an issue where when I would make an object and assign it the IDs and sent it to UE4 and used the substance live to link the IDs would fail to bake... BUT if I skipped the link and just sent the object straight to Substance the ID's worked.


1. Create a 3D object in Blender.
2. Material ID the object.
3. Export the object to UE4
4. Use the Substance to link to open the FBX into Substance
5. Bake the ID's and normals ... etc.
6. Get a message that tells me the ID's didn't bake.

Work Flow 2:

1. Create a 3D object in Blender.
2. Material ID the object.
3. Export the object to Substance
4. Bake the ID's and normals ... etc.
5. Texture and export textures.
6. Import textures and attach them to nodes.

I did some research and found a forum that was similar but the person who replied said the IDs don't work from UE4 Link? If that's the case then I find that to be a pretty big design flaw. What I love about the link is the ability to rapidly prototype and edit objects on the fly whereas the other way is a long process in the grand scheme of things. Especially when you're dealing with large levels and lots of architecture that can benefit from ids and the ability to go in and out of the link and make quick changes. It's also less expensive to use ID's instead of Material Slots. UE4 is now calling each material slot rather than just 1.

Has this been fixed at all? Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help. Looking forward to a response.

Substance plugin for UE4 keeps unlinking my files and making me remake/bake the textures when I send them to painter to edit them (although it still shows that the textures are there). It’s as if it didn’t exist and starts over. What’s odd is that it’s not all my assets but it’s a good majority. Would really like to figure out what’s going on and how to fix this as I am dealing with a large game project and it’s becoming an issue for our work flow. Got some assets with lots of work into them and remaking them just when I’m trying to edit them.

Any help would be much appreciated thank you!

I am running the plug-in on 4.25

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Substance is unresponsive
 on: November 18, 2020, 10:39:51 pm 
Just recently in the last few hours, Substance has become extremely unresponsive when editing. I first noticed a couple of black pixels in the texture (something I have been seeing a lot) and decided to move the texture around and when I would move it the software became unresponsive. I checked my other files as well and I am having the same problem with all of them as well.

I have my Delay on my computer set to 120 decimals.
Drivers up to date.
All documents are attached including the picture of the object I was working with.

Any help would be fantastic thank you!

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