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I'm trying to cancel my subscription and purchase a purchase a perpetual license ($0). However, when I click the "Purchase" button, the URLs change but ultimately I end up on the same page, and the subscription is still active.

I've tried this on Mac Safari and Chrome.

I also tried to send the above message to the support form. But clicking "Submit" there simply does nothing at all, both browsers.

Any thoughts?

Trying to install Alchemist 2.3, and I'm able to download it and apparently install it, but the big blue button remains "update". And quitting, restarting shows 2.3 not installed or downloaded.

Super frustrating.


Turns out 2.2.1 won't load now. Just quits. The "Uninstall" button does nothing.  Basically nothing works.


Maybe I'm missing something -- none of the tutorials or docs seem to touch on this.  I'd like to convert a project to use the new "UV Tile" workflow.  Project settings simply says "Project not using UV Tile workflow", but no option to do so.

How should I go about converting?


I don't get why this is still happening, after so many years.  Why can't I register once and be done with it?  This has been happening literally for years through so many versions, how is this not fixed?


Smart materials (and really, other things too -- like shaders and tools etc) take a very long time to load. Often they don't even start loading for 30 minutes or more.  I can't seem to figure out how to "Trigger" them to start, and once they start, they take a few minutes to load. I've google for solutions, but nothing works.

I'm on a mac, using 2019.1.3.

Just now they started updating in the background, likely 10-15 minutes after I loaded Painter, created a project, imported maps, set it all up, and saved the project...then waited.

Any ideas how to fix this?  It's insanely annoying as you might imagine.  More annoying than having to re-register every 30 days.

Hi all,

I think this may be possible, but I'm not sure what key words to google to find the feature documentation.

I'd like to export a single image of a texture that combines the lighting and PBR values etc.  I.e. the "final" image put on the 3d model in the viewer.

Is that possible?

As seen in the attached image. Happens all the time, to where it's unusable. :(

Each month I have to download the license key from the site.  This is really annoying. It's a small but frustrating task.  The "look up with my account" option always returns error 500.

This seems like something that shouldn't be happening.

EDIT:  I found that you can download it from your profile, so I"m all good now.  I'll leave this up just in case this is an issue that isn't yet known.



As in the attached screenshot, I'm getting an error when attempting to relink my license.  Unfortunately, I get an error when I click the evaluate button, and I don't have a license file in my library (mac) as in the support documentation instructions.

Any workaround?  Currently unable to use Substance software because of this.  I've reinstalled multiple times.

Seams can appear if you use a generator that blurs your curvature maps, since the blur is performed in UV space and not in 3D space, it is not aware of UV seams and borders.
(your normal map is fine)

Oh I see- - that's good to know.  Thanks!


Hmm.  Interestingly, maybe, the curvature looks fine ,but the normal map does not at all look fine. Could that be causing it?

I hadn't looked at that before -- removing the normal map from the main textures doesn't fix it, so I thought that wasn't it.

I had not, but I rebaked w/ dilation to 16 and 32, but did not see a change in the end result.

Map is here:


Hi all,

I'm getting seams from the UV islands when I use any mask w/ the curvature active.  Is this something that can be removed?  I've tried re-baking the curvature map in many different settings, but always with the same result.


Unfortunately I'm not really sure.  I hired the work out a while back, and only discovered this issue recently.  The modeler has not been responding to my emails, and didn't send me a high poly mesh to work with. 

Is it possible to blend this with something to even out the edges?

Without seeing the model itself, the maps, and even the UVs (with indication of hard edges, and smoothing) I cannot tell you.

You need to have your UVs setup properly otherwise you can create nasty seams. Your image alone isn't enough to answer your question.
Normal map format might be wrong. Switch it from DirectX to OpenGL (or vice versa, Edit -> Project Configuration -> Normal map format). Or export the normal map and invert the green channel in Photoshop.

Here are the model I'm using and the normal map. 

Actually, normal map is too big to upload here, so I'm putting the files here:

Thank you for any help!

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