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sorry for the double post I'm still new and after watching most tutorials I'm still confused about one thing. When I export the texture using 2d viewer preset I get an awesome result. However, the baked in lighting is really throwing off my textures in the game I test these out in. I'd really love to get a texture that looks exactly like this but with no big bright lights baked into the model and throwing off the colors and lighting in game. 

Anyone got any suggestion on another preset I can use? Or what preset I can use to combine textures after? I try doing the base colour and roughness but when I overlay the roughness onto the texture none of the scraps and marks show up on the black. Seriously, please do talk to me like I'm an idiot because i am one.  :P I'm entirely new to this program and texturing and need a bit of hand holding to get me going. 

Thank you, I figured out that I could just copy the mask onto my layer and also paint. :D

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Masking, I'm doing it wrong?
 on: September 04, 2019, 01:29:34 pm 
I'm specifically trying to mask areas of my uv map on the 2d view without it spilling over into another face. I followed the tutorials online where you use the polygon fill tool with black mask and fill in the ares you don't want the brush to go on. However, when I hide the mask the pain has just gone under it anyway. What am I doing wrong? (it's probably really obvious).

I'm a student who got Substance painter recently and It's really a step up from doing all texturing on a 2d UV map. However, one complaint I have is that when I export my texture using the 2d map it has lighting baked into it depending on where the lighting is in the scene. This is an issue as my personal test projects I do skins for don't use anything other than a 2nd flat texture (so the lighting looks off).

I obviously can just export the base colour and then export the roughness to overlay it in post editing but I think it would be a lot easier if I could just export it as one png that has everything in it but the base lighting. I'd love a method of just turning off lighting altogether to see the true colour my texture will have in the final project (black for example is a very light grey in my tests).

I obviously might be doing something wrong but can't find much online about it. Anyway, enjoy the program and can't wait to try it out more.

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