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Well it shouldn't be doing that either way. I did try that though. I cracked open sp2 on my home computer and baked out a normal map out of Xnormal and it was fine. I'll try updating the graphics card driver on my work computer on Monday to see if that's what's causing the issue as well as test some other projects.


it was set to the standard pbr metal rough. Looks more or less the same regardless of the shader.

not sure whats going on with the normals here.




Need to get this sorted. I need to get this little guy finished.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - cracked concrete
 on: April 26, 2015, 07:36:35 pm 
Made this cracked concrete. C & C would be appreciated.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Re: Troll WIP
 on: March 02, 2015, 10:18:52 pm 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Troll WIP
 on: February 26, 2015, 12:04:39 am 

Working on a project and I thought I would share.

Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset for the final render.


sorry, D got messed up here is what its supposed to look like.

Wanted to expand my UI suggestions a bit with some graphic reference.

A: I think the object select tool doesnt really look like anything. I think it could be represented as a 3D object like in the example.

B: The tool bar here could be a lot bigger. Everything in this area is really small.

C: Differentiate between fill and paiont layer in layer stack.

D: Like B these icons really could stand to be bigger and in a different order. I placed the Fill and paint layer next to each other and made them both represented by their icons. I think the folder layer would be better placed after the paint and fill layer buttons. I also represented the delete layer with an X instead of a minus.

Just some suggestions.



There should be an icon in the layer stack to differentiate a fill layer and a paint layer. Once you rename the layer there is no way to visually differentiate between the two.

Also, mask blurring option would be cool too.



oh awesome. ill update.

I'm having a similar issue.  Number 1 is my object in the Substance Designer viewport and number 2 is the same mesh with the normals exported from substance designer and placed on the same mesh in the substance painter viewport.

Normals were baked in Direct X and imported into substance painter using the Direct X setting. I inverted the green channel but that didn't accomplish anything. Tried switching between Direct X and Open GL settings as well as baking out normals using open GL, nothing seemed to work.

I've baked normals in substance and brought them into painter using previous versions without any issues.

I'm on a Mac running OS 10.10


I'm having the same problem, but only when I choose the Physically Based shader... so far.

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