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We are looking into this issue and working on a fix asap!

Hello everyone! We have a time-limited offer for those of you wanting to try out the new tools and content. Get the Adobe Substance 3D Collection including Painter, Designer, Sampler, Stager and Modeler for $24.99/month for a year instead of $49.99/month!

Head over to and follow the instructions!

Follow the instructions here:

@swekenchu You will be able to transfer your materials and credits yes, we're still setting all that up. In the meantime, you can still access them by logging in with your Substance account email.

@robert_clements Sorry about the mix-up with the Launcher. Unfortunately, we realized pretty (too) late that the new updates Were not going to work properly with the Launcher and had to push a last-minute fix to the Launcher to prevent borked installs, but that update took long enough that it wasn't available immediately when the new builds were released.

So it's likely the apps installed, but the install folder changed, from Allegorithmic to Adobe. That's why you may see 2 installs at the moment, your previous versions were not overwritten.

You should still be able to re-download previous builds in the "My Licenses" section of the website (top right corner on the homepage).

To see your credits on the new Adobe asset platform (Source), make sure you login with the email you used on It may have logged you with your Adobe account instead.

@Sagem Even though the forum is moving, the support team will stay the same and you'll see the same people answering questions and helping out there.

I also would like to know how we get the discount. I was just on and there is no option to say "I am a current Substance subscriber"

Just a $39.99 monthly plan option.

The discount link will be mailed to you and posted here in the coming hours/days at most. We're still finalizing a few things!

First, congratulations on the rebrand!

Now the important questions:
Those of us who have perpetual licences (Painter/Designer) and still have ongoing maintenance. Are we going to receive future product updates and bug fixes? If not, how/where should we ask for a (maintenance) refund?

Now the grief: Shutting down of this forum is sad. The Adobe forum has terrible UX, and Discord is just too noisy to seek "community" solutions to user problems.
Thank you!
You will still be able to download new builds for the remainder of your maintenance on in the "My licenses" section.

I currently have an indie subscription.
1. Will that indie subcscription automatically transition to the new 3D texturing subscription?
2. Will all assets I have bought from Substance Source remain licensed
3. Will asset points built up in Substance source be carried forward?
4. I also have a separate Adobe CC account. Will that remain separate?

1. Same as above, you can transition manually using the instructions on the homepage.
2. Yes you will keep all licensed Source assets.
3. Yes, although we are still putting up together the backend to transition the points.
4. You can use the same account or a different Adobe account, up to you.

Where can I find information/order ability for migrating from my current Substance subscriptions to the new Adobe subscriptions? And am I understanding correctly that there would be a discount for current Substance subscribers?
On the homepage, scroll a little bit and you'll find instructions to migrate the account:
If you are on a month to month basis, you will get a free month. If you have a annual sub, you will get reimbursed the pro-rated amount depending on the renewal date.

Substance is now Adobe Substance 3D
Hello everyone, dear community, newcomers, and long-time followers!
As you may have heard, we shared some big news today regarding the present and future of Substance 3D at Adobe.
For those of you who have not seen it, you can watch Sebastien's and Scott's address here, followed by a more in-depth explanation of the licensing changes and product updates here.
Here is a summary of the changes taking effect today:
•   The apps are now under the umbrella brand "Adobe Substance 3D"

•   Designer is getting procedural modeling!

•   We announced 2 new apps!

o   Stager is a scene staging and rendering app allowing you to quickly create high-quality renderings for characters, props, product design, marketing, vehicles, anything really! You can send assets directly from painter to Stager too! It is available today as part of the Substance 3D Collection.

o   Modeler is a brand-new hybrid modeling app, combining VR sculpting and desktop modeling. It enters closed beta starting today. You can sign up here.

•   We also have new Asset platforms on, taking the relay of Substance Share and Substance Source. The Substance 3D Asset platform now also includes 2000+ game-ready 3D models and procedural environment lights on top of the 9000+ materials.

•   New subscriptions are now available on

o   Substance 3D Texturing - $19.99/month - This is the same as today's Substance Indie subscription, with access to Painter, Designer and Sampler (Alchemist) + 30 materials/month. It has a few bonus perks like advanced interop between the tools and Adobe Bridge to manage material libraries.

o   Substance 3D Collection for Individuals - $49.99/month $24.99/month for the first year for the Substance community- This includes the three texturing apps as well as Stager and 50 assets/month (materials, models and lights). Get this limited time 50% off discount offer here (link coming up soon!)

o   Substance 3D Collection for Teams - $99.99/month $79.99/month for a year for existing Substance customers - This includes everything in the Substance 3D Collection for Individuals, adds license management and ups the number of assets per month to 100. This replaces the Substance Pro subscription.

•   Steam licenses are still available and are still perpetual.
•   Linux keeps being supported along Windows and Mac.
•   Students still have access to the tools for free.

For more information on how to transition to the new offers and other details, please refer to our FAQ (will update with the link soon!)
We hope you are all as excited as we are with this new chapter of the Substance journey. We know a lot of you expressed apprehension when the news first broke that Allegorithmic had joined Adobe. We have always tried our best to provide you with professional but affordable 3D tools and we hope we delivered on that promise this time again with this new offering.
Our forums will be moving to the Adobe Community portal but the forum will stay open for a while, after which it will be closed to new messages, but still accessible.
This thread is open to all your reactions, remarks, questions, rants, and everything in-between. We will do our best to reply to everyone.

Issue was handled and and addressed on Discord :)

Yes, as long as it's not simply a redistribution of the asset as is.

Hi! There is no more standard perpetual licenses/upgrades.
You can either subscribe to the Substance 3D offer to get access to all the latest versions, or you can purchase the 2021 version of Painter or Designer on Steam to get a perpetual license.
The Steam version is linked to the calendar year, so the 2021 version will get you free updates until the end of the year (December 2021).

In this case I assume after you make more than $100k from your piece, you would need to switch to the pro version if you intend to create another artwork using Substance.

If you want to keep receiving updates, you can either purchase a Steam license or switch to the subscription.

Hi, your perpetual license is independent from the subscription no matter what option you choose.

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