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Hi, when it comes to the brush visualization, I don't believe we changed anything but you may have switched it inadvertently.
You can switch between the outline or the color preview at any time using the first icon at the top left of the viewport.

For the new Asset panel, the idea is that you can now customize it the way you want rather than us forcing hardcoded categories on users.

  • Filter your assets the way you want (for example by combining the Texture filter with a search for "normal")
  • Open the Saved search panel (button at the bottom left of the Asset panel)
  • Click the Save icon at the top to save a new category that you can name as you wish.

@korindian77 I believe this coincide with when the backend for the subscription on the Substance side will stop.
Perpetual licenses purchased under Substance will of course remain no matter what.

@onepixeldeep The Player is not defunct! You can download it here:

@Supasu You can still access your points and downloads through the new Substance 3D Assets portal, make sure you use your Substance login and not the Adobe one, until we have a solution to transfer the content from an account to the other.

For specific situations regarding the refund and transition, please contact support at directly, thanks!

The Indie subscription will disappear on the Substance side but the Texturing plan on the Adobe side is basically the same thing: same price, same apps, same content.

You don't have to switch right now, and if you do, the Texturing plan is basically the same as the current Substance sub. Same price, same apps, same content.

Hi, I'm not sure why you had to get 2 separate subscriptions for Alchemist?
But rest assured that your Source points and downloads are not lost when you switch to the Adobe plan.
You will still be able to access them on the new Substance 3D Asset website using your original Substance3D login info.
We will also provide a way to transfer them onto your Adobe account at a later date.

When does your license expire?

You will not lose access. Even if you transition your license now, you will still be able to access your points and downloads as long as you use your old Substance login to connect to the Asset platform.
If you don't transition right away, your Substance sub will auto renew as usual.

Your credits are still here but you need to login with your Substance account and not your Adobe account. We will setup a way to transition the points and downloads to your Adobe account in the coming months.

Hi, in your case yes, you would want to spend those points before June 2022, as the transition of points from a Substance account to an Adobe one will only be available for users with an active Adobe sub.

Yes! We have no plans to stop offering licenses on Steam.

Yes as long as the resulting material feels unique. I know it's not a black or white answer but it's really up to your judgement.

Don't worry, your sub is not rendered useless!  :D
The Launcher is not compatible with these new releases though and is being deprecated. You can now download the new updates in the "My Licenses" page on the website (top right corner).

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

As nobody at sales is answering and the contact form doesnt send out anything, despite all information being the the form. I will reply here again

So i did that, ordered 3 yearly licenses, which we recieved, but didnt update in the my monthly payments tab. so i cancelled the 3 monthly licenses which ran out. Now we have 2 yearly licenses with old license keys working but shown as cancelled in the system.the third license is gone, despite being paid for.
I also ordered a new one and did not get a reply by the sales team.

This is highly frustrating.

Sorry about the mix-up, I double checked with support and your ticket was mis-assigned. Somebody should get back to you shortly, sorry again.

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