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We're finishing up 4.22, it's in final testing and we should have an update request with Epic soon. If all is best, we should be out by the end of the week.

The delay right now is ensuring it works correctly on all supported platforms, including Xbox one and PS4, which takes time even if the plugin has been built.

Thanks for the update Galen!


Hi everyone, I'm having a bug that only happens when it's in Standalone or Packaged Build. It happens when you close the game by calling the QUIT GAME function. Thanks

LowLevelFatalError [File:D:\Build\++UE4+Release-4.18+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\HAL\MallocBinned2.cpp] [Line: 1139] FMallocBinned2 Attempt to realloc an unrecognized block 0B170000 canary == 0x0 != 0xe3

CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FDebug::AssertFailed() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FMallocBinned2::FreeExternal() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FMallocBinned2::Free() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FMemory::Free() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!Substance::Helpers::UnrealSubstanceGlobalCallbacks::memoryFree() [d:\build++portal+dev-marketplace+full\sync\localbuilds\plugintemp\hostproject\plugins\substance\source\substancecore\private\substancecorehelpers.cpp:1323] CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!SubstanceAir::alignedFree() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!std::deque,SubstanceAir::aligned_allocator,16> >::~deque() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!std::For_each_unchecked >() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!std::for_each > >,SubstanceAir::Details::Utils::Deleter >() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!SubstanceAir::GraphInstance::~GraphInstance() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!USubstanceGraphInstance::CleanupGraphInstance() [d:\build++portal+dev-marketplace+full\sync\localbuilds\plugintemp\hostproject\plugins\substance\source\substancecore\private\substancegraphinstance.cpp:202] CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!USubstanceGraphInstance::BeginDestroy() [d:\build++portal+dev-marketplace+full\sync\localbuilds\plugintemp\hostproject\plugins\substance\source\substancecore\private\substancegraphinstance.cpp:217] CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!StaticExit() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!?ExecuteIfSafe@?$TBaseStaticDelegateInstance@$$A6AXXZ$$V@@UBE_NXZ() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!?Broadcast@?$TBaseMulticastDelegate@X$$V@@QBEXXZ() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FEngineLoop::AppPreExit() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!FEngineLoop::Exit() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!GuardedMain() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!GuardedMainWrapper() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!WinMain() CatchTheThief_Win32_Shipping!_scrt_common_main_seh() [f:\dd\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:253] kernel32 ntdll ntdll

Thank you!!

Hi! Unreal Engine 4.16 was released today and it's a (really really) great update. I'd like to migrate my project to 4.16 but I absolutely need the substance plugin as 90% of my materials are made with it (that means that opening my project in 4.16 results in checkered meshes everywhere). Is the plugin going to be updated to 4.16 soon? Thanks in advance for your great work, substance designer is the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread and I mean it.  ;D

I'm waiting too!I need to migrate my project to 4.16 too!

This is a compatibility release which adds support for some of the new features of Substance Designer 6 along with updating the plugin to the new Unreal Engine version 4.15!


--Added support for Substance Designer 6 .sbsar files and string features.

--String parameters have been added to the graph editor window.

--A new blueprint node has been added to set the string value of a string input - SetValueString

--A new blueprint node has been added to get the string value of a string input - GetValueString

--The previous GetValueString blueprint nodes name has changed to not conflict with the new string input types. The new name is GetValueAsString which will return the value of any input as a string.

Download Link:

This update has been submitted to the marketplace and I will post an update here as soon as it becomes available. Alternatively, the most recent version of the plugin can be downloaded from the link above.

Hi I'm Update my project to UE4 4.15
But when update substance plugin and open the project the engine crash and close.
If disable the new plugin my project open fine...

I rebuild the project did not give any error and even then it does not open.
Would you have any idea what it might be?

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