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Is this the proper place to report Launcher Bugs?

Assuming so, I installed Launcher yesterday. I signed into Launcher and was able to use it install Alchemist and download files from Source.

However, I frequently get "Login Error" notifications, which show up as a blue dot on the Launcher icon in the Windows 10 system tray and also in the Launcher Notification Center (see screenshot).

When I try to login once more, it succeeds, but a bit later I will get the "Login Error" once again. This is the 3rd or 4th time now in less than 24 hours.

Log file attached.

I was looking for the source code repository for the UE4 Substance plugin and found a github link (you probably need access to Unreal source code to see that) in one of the older release notes for the plugin.

However, that repository doesn't look likes it's been touched since 2016.

Is development of the plugin still posted somewhere like github?

Are community contributions taken?

I created a packed texture output in Substance Designer and specified Usage components for each channel in the output node. However, when I create a UE4 material from this file, the UE4 Substance plugin doesn't wire up the packed texture correctly.

The Substance UE4 plugin code (CreateMaterialExpression in SubstanceCoreHelpers.cpp) indicates that only the default channel is considered when wiring textures up to output nodes. The default channel appears to be the first Usage component configured on the output node in Designer. I confirmed this by switching the Usage setting on a couple of components.

Steps to Repro:

1. Create a packed texture in Substance Designer
2. Setup the usage components on the output node for the R, G, B, and A channels.
3. Import into UE4.
4. Create a UE4 material from this Substance file.
5. Open the UE4 material.

Notice the material isn't wired up correctly.

Is there any way to pack textures of an SBSAR file directly in UE4? I know I can create a new SBS, setup the packing using RGBA merge, and then publish a new SBSAR. However, it seemed like a common thing to do and was wondering if there was a more efficient way. This is common when downloading stuff from Substance Source.

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