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SubstanceSubstance - News & Announcements - Re: Happy New Year 2015!
 on: January 21, 2015, 09:19:18 am 
Happy new Year as well and thanks for the awesome programs. Hoping to take substance templates and textures into UE4/Unity to the next level this year.

Still remember using MapZone. :)


MapZone, wow, me too!
My experience was with C#, XNA Game Studio and .NET4.0

Now it's, Oh YEAH, with ZBrush, Maya LT and Unity.
If only I could get back to Indie Game Creation building for the XBox using this new set up...
THAT, would be style'n.

So here is to a great and wonderfully amazing New Year!

Found it!
MaPZone2_2_6_1a.exe 26MB Dec, 26 2009
An oldie but goodie.

Thanks for turning these visual aspects of game building into something that is easy, OK, easier, to use.  It reminds me of the “First Reflections” used to build digital sound envelopes in signal processors, DSP's.  I’m glad for you, and me, that this digital game building environment has become so multifaceted and integrated that building the game can sometimes become more fun than playing the game, maybe, some days, if the AI tracks just right, where the music drives the pace and the lighting sustains the mood and my old wireless XBox 360 controllers work within the new Unity Web Player on my PC and and and … thanks for continuing to keep my plate full of even more light driven ideas and knowledge than I'll ever be able to chew, independently.
An Indie Game Creator.

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