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Id love to use the toolkit, but all installation instructions require a .zip file I don't have. Only a .whl and a .bat
I have an Indi license.

Any help would be awesome.

The only Solve I have been able to find is to not use Substance designer file Explorer to open or update Models.

The best work around is to avoid the "Open" operation at all costs. Should really be called "Crash"

Just open the folder in Windows. And drag and drop the Obj you want onto the Viewport.

It opens the project window and the Obj is qued to load.

Same for updating the model if changes have been made in another program.

This really should be addressed. Even if it is a windows problem. Substance should change how their  file explorer handles previews and and Windows explore file display settings. So they can remain consistent across folders.

So you can set the Explore to List. And have it be on List, across all folders.

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