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Restarting Max to clear the running state is probably the only workaround right now until we get the next update out and work around it on our end.

Yes, the second issue is due to Max not clearing state. They are aware of it, as it is in their developer documentation. I doubt they will ever fix it.

We're looking at ways we can work around it in the future. One possible way is to randomly generate IDs in an attempt to mitigate the possibility of collisions. Since state isn't ever cleared fully except on a restart of the application, it means that we must look at ways of making block identifiers not just unique to the scene as they currently are, but also unique across all scenes, or at least more unique to lessen the chance of it occurring.

Hi @markus_schille ,

The problem with loading is due to needing to register descriptors with unique values. When the parameter block doesn't line up with the descriptor, Max gets confused about it.

This happens because on a load or even a reset, 3ds Max does not clear its state, so you would need to restart the application.

Galen Helfter

Hi @o.chabrand89 ,

I've seen the red show up on the file entry before, although it comes up infrequently.

For 2015, it looks like the Attribute Editor Mel script is attempting to call a function that has been renamed. Changing it to cpp_GetBakeFormat would likely fix it.

1.3.0 was not released for Maya 2015, newer versions will not target that far back.

Galen Helfter

Hi @Pow3DDesign ,

The plugin is no longer installed in AppData\Roaming\Luxology, Modo has switched where it installs kits to outside the Luxology folder, and now the plugin is installed wherever Modo places LPKs, not where we used to manually install it. If I remember right, there should be something like a kits folder straight in the AppData\Roaming folder that it ends up installing them to.

Galen Helfter

Hi @gavin.whelan ,

Yes, this is a current issue with the plugin, having to deal with how inputs are connected to the UI. This should be fixed in the next release.

Galen Helfter

Hi @RobH2 ,

We've seen this problem come up some, and we'll look at fixing it for the next release.


Galen Helfter

Hi @cdterfy ,

If it's having trouble loading, there's a substance.mod file in the modules folder in the base Maya install directory that may need to be changed. This file is what tells Maya and the plug-in where to load the proper scripts and libraries, which are in the bin folder. You may try to hardcode your new location for the plugin into that file in the win64 platform entry.

The bin folder definitely needs to be in the path somehow, either through messing with the substance.mod file or by manually adding it somewhere, as Windows has no concept of relative pathing.


Galen Helfter

Hi @nightsong ,

Specular and glossiness are outputs for shaders that do not support metalness and roughness, and since Modo supports those, won't be hooked up and are not needed. The metalness and roughness maps are what you need, and Modo supports metalness now in 12.0.

If Modo has an AO effect now, then the plugin should be changed to support that.


Galen Helfter

Hi @KashyyyksFinest ,

This was an issue we ran into before the most recent release and has been fixed in that.

We haven't yet released it for Maya LT however, so the fix for this issue hasn't made its way there yet.


There's not really an easy answer to that one. The installed contains both the 2018 and 2019 installs of the plugin, so it's not so simple to unpack.

With the DLL loading, the plugin tries to load from the standard install location, and expects some of the DLL files to be in the 3ds Max install directory. Currently it isn't set to work relative (may or may not be possible with Windows and 3ds Max).

We'll look at seeing whether it's possible to change this behavior.


Galen Helfter

Hi @Anamorphic ,

The version of the plugin released for 3ds Max 2016 is no longer supported, and has been entirely replaced in the past year, so no future development will be done on the original plugin.

The newer version of the plugin available for 3ds Max 2018 and 2019.

The newest version of the plugin bumps 16 bit outputs, usually normal maps and displacement maps, up to full 32 bit floats in our engine. I had good results with it when making test renders for our publication.

@Colin Senner

Hi Colin,

Did the new update fix your issue? I'd like to know if there's still more to do to fix the error you found.

Exr image support has been added into the next release for the auto bake, and 16 and 32 bit floats were already supported internally, so when it releases soon this should be addressed properly.

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