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I fix it by reloading the file. But it happens randomly

and it has nothing to do with displacement

Yeah true. My displacement was 0. It could be cause of the geometry masks. I dont really know what causes the layers to act like these there also could be multiple actions that led to this.

I don`t really know if its a right place to report the bug of the new version of SP (substance 3D painter steam edition).
So basically when i try to scale down the underlying material (the fabric in this case) the height of the above layer goes wild. Here`s some screenshots. I`m very sad that my workflow is damaged, and i`m wondering if i could go back to previous version somehow until everything`s fixed.

Thank you, Jeremie!  :D

I was just wondering if procedural patterns are free for commercial use? like `fabric diagonal diamond` for example.

Is there a way to use hdri to project light onto UV layout instead of the 3d object itself?

You can close it i`ve solved this

Hey guys ive recently bought SP2021 and i cant export my project in 2k resolution. I choose 2d view and set the 2k res but the program still exports in 4k. I tried changing my project resolution first and export but it still doesn`t work(the projext was done in 4k). And also the program cant find the latest  metal rough shader. (when i used sp19 it was saying same thing however i could export in any res. And also i`ve never had this problem before when i used sp21. Maybe its a bug or something.

When you use a brush there is the lazy mouse option in the settings bar. At least with it its much easier to make a curve

Thank you i figured out the first method but i did not know about the smart material technique. Love you

I was just wondering if there is a feature of replacing the obj in the scene with another one so the current layers will be applied to the new obj. Or is there a way to copy existing layers on the other obj in the seperate project. Don`t want to make everything from scratch if someone has a solution it`d be awesome

I feel dumb now... I didn`t realize there was a tab with channels there. Thanks a lot man it means a world to me. I owe you now :)


Here`s 2 layers as an example. 2 layers with black masks. Both only have color and height channels. I need the blue cross to cover up the red boxes. It might require some sort of combination of the blending modes? I think i tried everything. I would really appreciate any help.

Guys i really need help. The thing is i`m working with multiple layers that have color and height. And i need them to overlay each other (so the top layers should cover the ones which are placed below them so they are not visible) I tried using blend modes but they seem to only work with color. I`m in frustration and also tired of erasing height of the underlying layers  :-\

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