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Thanks a lot, with those exemple I understand what I need to do in order to use rendersbs function. :)


I'm trying to use the sbsrender_render function of the batchtools in the SAT API.
I'm having trouble to understand how I should pass parameters to the .sbsar.

Is it possible to have an exemple of how the parameter should be formatted ?

Here is the error I recieve:

Code: [Select]
[ERROR][SBSRender]Input file "D:\SubstanceRender\PBR_Ready_Albedo\PBR_Ready_Albedo.sbsar set_entry diffuse@D:\SubstanceRender\CorrectedTextureSet\STP_MF_Backpack_001_T05.png" cannot be read : La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.

I have found the documentation a bit vage at this subject

Thanks in advance,


+1 I'm waiting for this feature for a long time to.
Big thanks for the tips @osias.lee.
Unfortunately when you try to paint through the hidden part, the brush is still hitting the hidden mesh and you can't realy paint on the area you want
Furthermore This is only working in Material mode; in some case I wanted to fix some occlusion baking errors, and switch to additional map view (B) -> the mesh became entirely visible.

I realy wish that Allegorithmic will find a way to make this possible in the next release.

Hello Bryan,

The tools looks amazing ! Unfortunately it dosn't seam to work with the new batch tools tha come with substance designer 5. Did you made any update since 2013 ? Or maybe, you have found a alternative GUI for Substance Batch Tool.

I truly hope that Allegorithmic will implement the batch tool directly in substance Designer.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks. I'll will retry when the next update will be released!

Yes ! Thank you Jeremie.

It's finally working with the prefefined channel ( basecolor, height, metallic, and roughness), but it's still doesn't work with custom channel ( User0, User1 ...).

Is there any solution ?

Thank you Jeremie for your answer.

I may have missed something but I still can paint on my input channel. :(
So I have changed the identifier on the substance graph in substance designer ( for testing purpose, I have matched the metallic naming convention).
In substance Painter, I have made a fill layer with the substance attached to, the output look the way it should but it seems that what I paint on the metallic channel isn't transfered to the input that I've just rename.
Acctually, this process might not be safe. I think it can create redundancy loops.( BaseColor feeds a graph that write on the BaseColor channel )
Am I wrong ?

I have made a substance graph in Substance Designer with sevral inputs ( grayscale and color) that control the output. In Substance Painter, I'm not able to Paint on directly on these inputs, I'm only able to import a bitmap or to choose a uniform color.
It will aslo be great to feed a onther substance graph!
Is it something scheduled ?

I have the same problem. Huge SPP file. I would like to delete some imported images but I don't know how. Can you tell me more about it ? or for exemple how to delete some baked map I don't use anymore ?
Or maybe is it possible to save the project the old way : in a folder with all resources in it.

I have the same problem! I hope it will be fixed in the next build.

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