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1. This is a new major update. The main difference is that it will install in a new folder under Adobe rather than Allegorithmic.

2. You may need to enter your license again, but if you have the .key you are good to go.

3. The new update will install in a new folder, separate from the one you had before.

4. You may need to fill in your license details, not sure.

5. Yes, you will need to copy all your custom assets from the old folder to the new, more details here:

6-7: The install will be separate and should leave your previous version as it is.

Please send us a message directly at

These new releases introduce many deep changes and the Launcher is not compatible with these new updates and will be deprecated going forward.
You can get the new release in the "My Licenses" section of the website.

Yes, you are fine and can sell the model.

Could you give us more details? What is happening when you are trying to launch the tool?

No, Steam is the only option at this time.

You can still access the new builds in the My Licenses section of the website.
If you have a monthly sub, you can cancel at any time and switch to an Adobe plan as well.

You will keep access to your points and downloads even after you cancel. Just make sure you login on the Assets website with your Substance login and not your Adobe login.

You can switch to the Adobe plan whenever you like, so yes, it probably makes more sense to wait util the end of your current sub term. Make sure to cancel before it renews though.

1. Yes

2. I believe as an Indie you won't need to maintain an active subscription

That being said, we will have some more official info being communicated this week about points dan downloads transition.

All your materials are still there, please check the documentation for this new release to learn hot to migrate your assets:

Tools are now part of the brushes. Select the brushes and type "tool" in the search to filer them.
If you want a shortcut to get to them easily, you can save that search result in the "Saved Searches" panel (button at the bottom left of the Asset Panel). It's the same panel as before but instead of having a bunch of hardcoded categories, we let users build them the way they feel like.

Yes the new ASM material is an evolution of the standard Allegorithmic shader.

Source has been moved to the Substance 3D Assets website. You can still access all your points and downloads on this new platform, no matter which version of Painter you have. Simply make sure you log in using your Substance login info and not the Adobe one.

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