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I'm trying to use the sbsrender_render function of the batchtools in the SAT API.
I'm having trouble to understand how I should pass parameters to the .sbsar.

Is it possible to have an exemple of how the parameter should be formatted ?

Here is the error I recieve:

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[ERROR][SBSRender]Input file "D:\SubstanceRender\PBR_Ready_Albedo\PBR_Ready_Albedo.sbsar set_entry diffuse@D:\SubstanceRender\CorrectedTextureSet\STP_MF_Backpack_001_T05.png" cannot be read : La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.

I have found the documentation a bit vage at this subject

Thanks in advance,


I have made a substance graph in Substance Designer with sevral inputs ( grayscale and color) that control the output. In Substance Painter, I'm not able to Paint on directly on these inputs, I'm only able to import a bitmap or to choose a uniform color.
It will aslo be great to feed a onther substance graph!
Is it something scheduled ?

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