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Thanks a lot @allegorithmic for implementing this so quick  :)

They have similar to Megascans to be included inside Substance Painter to be provided by from my understanding.

from what I be able to see on their main-page, the textures are not complete "PBR-sets".
Just diffuse, normal and a displacement map. No words on 32-bit hdr microsurfaces, metalness, gloss/roughness and so on...

What I would really like to have integrated in the Allegorithmic products , is something like this "material charts" (taken from website)

I was a bit disappointed – Quixel once again builds up on PS, instead of finally going stand alone…maybe Adobe paying them a good chunk of money, hehehe

The free 3DO PBR viewer will also need an installation of CS 3 or higher.

At least the scan library could be very useful for nailing materials and finding correct color- values to do so.

From what I´ve read, there will be a (somehow limited) access to the library for free!
This indeed could be interesting for all of us, not only Quixel product owners.

I think, we must wait a few weeks longer and just see, what this library is all about, when it´s online.

For now, I would guess:

Search a material in their lib, download the .HDR (or other format) image-textures, import this textures into other apps, like SP, SD, B2M or Toolbag2, … – and you´re done.

This way, one can utilize their megascans, or am I wrong here?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Substance Indie Pack
 on: March 20, 2014, 08:16:49 am 
Substance Designer and Substance Painter have the same features in both Indie and Pro versions.
Bitmap2Material Indie works in standalone, but not in other tools. This is the only difference with the Pro version.


"Not in the other tools" means unity3d, too?

Kind Regards

I'm installing Bitmap2Material indie and it says Bitmap2Material Trial in the install windows and path?

here, too... but it seems, the full version was installed...
(without asking for a serial-number)

this is what I am waiting for: the option to fill a layer with a substance, then just editing the mask. I read somewhere, that filling layers with substances will be available soon.

I think, this is the only logical way that substance painter should go, and I am a bit worried, that this obvious path does not seem to be in the center of the developers focus.

And filling a layer with a Material, instead of painting it by hand. There is only filling with solid colors, but i read, this will change.

Like shown in the "dumpster" video, there was a substance used for the dumpster, masks were used to "peel off" layers and get the visuals, that I want to have...

There was a response (I am sure it was there, but seems to be gone?!)
It was like this: "Yes, in actual beta it is not possible, (in the video it was!) but will be soon"

Hi there,

the next few days, I want to do some testing-stuff with my new toys:
B2M, SD and SP – thanks for putting them altogether in the “indy package”  :D

I´d like to avoid an unnecessary number of tools and apps in my workflow and I wonder, if SD bake capabilities are “that good”, that it will reduce my usage of xNormal a lot.

Till now, I use xNormal to bake AO and more important – normal maps.
Mainly they will be used within the Unity3D engine. (so “Y” flipped to “–Y”)

For that task, I also use: that bakes out normal maps just the way unity expect them to be (so nothing is inverted or looks wrong, right tangent-space, etc.)

(At the moment, I can´t access my desk, but I am very curious to know answers to some question “in advance”)

Now – is proper “unity” normal export possible within B2M, SD and SP?
Are there know bugs and/or settings, regarding normal maps, that I should know about?

Like B2M and SD4 for example… There is an “DirectX” or “OpenGL” option for normal maps…
Which one to set for unity3d engine (“OpenGL”, I believe?)

Is there a way to set the 3D preview to “unity shader” or “Marmoset Skyshop” (B2M and SP)?


Hehehe - I spend some thoughts on that, too.

Ja, this would be reeeeallllyy awesome! (Yap, me is using Skyshop, too)

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