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Maybe you can do this already; I'm still new to the software.
But from what I can tell, I can import a mesh in with only a normal map.

Would it be possible to import a mesh with a heightmap, curvature map, ao, cavity etc? Could you add all those options to the import menu?

May I also chime in with a Drag Rectangle type brush.  The same kind you can find in ZBrush.  This would be great for decals. (and a bunch of other things too)  :)

When you say Alignment=UV, what do you mean?  Where's the option located?

Let's say I'm painting a tire for a car.  I just want to do a basic rubber fill on the tire, and a metal fill for the hub cap. 

Next, I would want to just paint on the tire, then the metal hub cap. (with masks?)

Is there a way to do this?

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