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hello there,

I am using color-ID mask for my fill layers and getting hard/harsh transitons (in fact there are no transitions)
between materials.

Now I am looking for a way to get smooth blending at the borders, where materials are changing.
The goal is to have nice blend/smooth on adjacent materials.

Is there a way to do this?


hi there,

I wanted to render some nice images in Painter/iRay - but iRay keeeeepse on "warming up" like forever - screen stays just pitch black, no signs of live ;)

I was trying with latest NVIDIA studio driver as well as "game ready" driver - no way to get iRay to work.... maybe this is an issue your team is already aware of? If not, please investigate and maybe update iRay in Painter!



first off, Alchi is running fine on my system and it is a much better tool, than B2M was, before!

Now, here are a few things:

I tested "Inspiration" with the provided material (the red leather in this case). the generator spits out a good bunch of variations, but it never changes the black stitches of the initial material into something els (color wise). Can we somehow control, how inspire works?

It´s awesome, that alchi stores the Layer-stack of filters and so in in a material, so you can come back and take some more
adjustments. Is it possible, to save a "Layer stack preset" somehow?

For generating materials from a photo, I think there is no better than alchi - loving it!

Speaking of photos... would be great, if you guys can implement something like this: - and this: so we can start working right in Alchi, instead of having to go thru regular Photo-Software, before. Just a thought!

hi there,

I was using this material for painting:

Now - what shader do I need to assign, to make it work, like in the preview? I went with "PBR - coated" but I am not sure, if this is correct. maybe, I have to use some SSS or translucency to make it work, like intended?


hello out there,

I was looking for a way to have some AA (Anti-Aliasing) in iRay Renderer - but the only option there is, does not make any difference, even if I set it to maximum Accumulations (128, I think it was)

I noticed strong "jagged edges" along the rims of a car (from the X-TAON Contest, to be specific), when rendering @4k res with the "3Quarter" cameras. I tried serveral way to solve this, like going for 4k texture res for the wheels, using filters like sharpen, blur and so on. In Painter viewport, the jaggies are not visible, it´s only in iRay!

Only thing that helped with that, was to use a dark, rough material for the spokes - but thats not, what I wanted to, because I´d like them to be some kind of polished aluminium...

anybody else got this problem?

hello out there,

I was looking for a way to have some AA (Anti-Aliasing) in iRay Renderer - but the only option there is, does not make any difference, even if I set it to maxium Accumulations (128, I think it was)

I noticed strong "jagged edges" along the rims of a car (from the X-TAON Contest, to be specific), when rendering @4k res.

In the painter settings, I checked both, CPU and GPU for rendering - it seems, Painter does not utilize both, when both are checked - it only uses CPU in this case. Is this a bug or a feature? AFAIR, Cycles from blender and a few other renderers can use both - but painter can´t?



Painter 2017.3.3 is complains about:

[Scene 3D] [FBX] : Mesh normals are invalid (some values are null) and will be recomputed

Normals are fine in MODO and Blender. What´s the catch? Does Painter not support FBX2018 smoothing / vertex stuff like hard-edges? (I used the Vertex-Toolkit in MODO to setup hard edges)

edit: here is a screenshot from blender, with normals visible

hi there,

I tried the Fix for the Source-Issue, but it does not work for "old" painter 2017.3.3 - it say´s on th elog, a higher API 1.112 or something is needed... is there a way to get a fix for non 2018 painter versions, please?


hi there,

I followed the steps to change / add a registry value, regarding TDR - the value is there, I rebooted twice, but Painter is still complaining... what is wrong?

Best, Elo


I baked a normal map from a highpoly, that has beveld/rounded edges. The lowpoly has just a hard, sharp edge.
Now, in the Painter viewport the lowpoly looks like the highpoly, aka edges are smooth and rounded without any
errors or "black lines" on the very edges.

when switching to iRay mode, all edges get visible seams, "black lines" on the edges and are not rendered round anymore.

is this a common issue and can it be avoided / corrected?



it´s been a (long) while for me, with Designer - now I need to create a floor of granite tiles, but don´t know where to start.
I got 4 different colored granite textures, produced from a substance and I got the brick generator setup to the pattern, I wanted... now - how to do this exactly?

How can I bring them together, so the generator does tiles with the four colors, in a random order?

Any help is welcome!


I want to upgrade to the latest version of painter and usually, there was a summer-sale around this time... but no discounts, yet. Do you guys not planning a sale this year? (I do not mean summer sale on steam, I mean at your own shop)


Content - Substance Source - Points and older SD/SP Versions
 on: January 04, 2018, 09:03:46 am 
hi there,

I got SD 5.x and SP 2017.3.3 as my latest versions and also plenty of points left to spent on items on the source website. Now - will ALL items on this site work with my SD/SP versions? How can I make sure, before spending points, only to see that things might not be working / not combatible?

kind Regards

.. like the title says:

If I create a material in SP and save this to shelf, for use in other projects - can I use this material in SD, too?
I do not mean "smart material", but the "normal" ones...


hi there,

SP is going to re-calculate strokes, if you switch the tx-resolution - like going from 1K to 4K.

but does this work for "premade" aka imported textures, as well? Like you import a 1k res albedo-tx and apply
it to the color-slot of a fill layer... then set the tx-resolution from 1k to 4k - will the imported albedo-tx also be
re-calculated, or will this only be upscaled, like it would in 2D image software?


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